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Books by Emilie Loring

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Written under her pseudonym, Josephine Story:

1914             For the Comfort of the Family: A Vacation Experiment

1917            The Mother In The Home

Written by Emilie Loring:

1922                        The Trail of Conflict**Geraldine Glamorgan, Steve Courtlandt

1924                        Here Comes the Sun! – Julie Lorraine, James Trafford

1925                        A Certain CrossroadJudith Halliday, Neil Peyton

1927                        The Solitary Horseman Rose Grahame, Tony Hamilton

1928                        Gay CourageNancy Caswell, Geoffrey Hilliard

1929                        Swift Water , #2 *Jean Randolph, Christopher Wynne

1930                        Lighted WindowsJanice Trent, Bruce Harcourt

1931                        Fair Tomorrow **Pamela Leigh, Scott Mallory

1932                        Uncharted SeasSandra Duval, Nicholas Hoyt

1933                        Hilltops Clear – Prudence Schuyler, Rodney Gerard

1934                        With Banners *Brooke Reyburn, Mark Trent

1934                        We Ride the Gale! – Sonia Carson, Michael Farr

1935                        It’s A Great World!Eve Travis, Jeffrey Kilburn

1936                        Give Me One SummerMelissa Barclay, Alexander Carson

1937                        As Long As I LiveJoan Crofton, Craig Lamont

1938                        Today Is YoursGay and Brian Romney

1938                        High of Heart *Constance Trent, Peter Corey

1939                        Across the YearsFaith Jarvis, Duke Tremaine

1940                        There Is Always LoveLinda Bourne, Gregory Merton

1941                        Where Beauty DwellsDiane Vernon, Mackenzie Cameron

1941                        Stars In Your EyesKay Chesney, Drex Hamilton

1942                        Rainbow At DuskJessamine Ramsey, Vance Trent

1943                        When Hearts Are Light AgainGail Trevor, Gregory Hunt

1944                        Keepers of the FaithNancy Barton, Bill Jerrold

1945                        Beyond the Sound of GunsKatharine Marlowe, Rex Danton

1946                        Bright SkiesPatricia Carey, Cameron Fulton

1947                        Beckoning TrailsDeborah Randall, Timothy Grant

1948                        I Hear Adventure CallingFran Phillips, Myles Jaffray

1949                        Love Came Laughing ByWendy Adair, Vance Tyler

1950                        To Love and to Honor **Cindy Clinton, Ken Stewart

Written “as by” Emilie Loring (at least partially ghostwritten)

1952                        For All Your Life **Anne Kendrick, Griffith Trent

1954                        My Dearest Love **Elizabeth Gilbert, Christopher Bradford

1954                        I Take This Man **Penelope Sherrod, Donald Garth

1955                        The Shadow of Suspicion **Julie Ames, Donald Bruce

1955                        With This Ring **Cynthia Farley, Alexander Houston

1956                        What Then Is Love **Patricia Langston, Andrew Harcourt

1957                        Look to the StarsFaith Randolph, Scott Pelham

1958                        Behind the Cloud – Dee Tremaine, Bill Mason

1960                        How Can the Heart Forget **Ann Jerome, Myles Langdon

1961                        Throw Wide the Door **Elinor Parks, Steve Sewall

1963                        Follow Your Heart **Jill Bellamy, James Trevor

1964                        A Candle In Her Heart **Leslie Blake, Douglas Clayton (Donald Shaw)

1965                        Forever and A Day **Tony Carew, Rodney Meredith

1966                        Spring Always Comes **Constance Wyndham, Jefferson Gray

1967                        A Key to Many Doors **Nancy Jones, Peter Gerard

1968                        In Times Like These **Page Wilburn, Vance Cooper

1969                        Love With Honor – Randi Scott, Cary Hamilton

1970                        No Time For Love **Julie Bryce, Mark Sefton

1971                        Forsaking All Others **Jennifer Haydon, Bradley Maxwell

1972                        The Shining Years **Sherry Winthrop, Stanley Holbrook


26 thoughts on “Bookshelf

  1. Patti, I was noticing as I looked through your Bookshelf list of books available now on Kindle it looks like right now that most of the books that are becoming available are the ones that are only partially written by Emilie and published after her death. I have purchased everything that’s out on kindle but I do hope the family or whoever is making the decisions of which books to publish will release more of the books that Emilie wrote.

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  2. On Amazon I found an e-book, Swift Water.
    I can’t include the screen shot here, but I just saw it last weekend. I have purchased 15 of the 18 they have available. Onward and upward!!

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  3. I have been reading Emilie Loring since high school. She has always been my favorite author. About ten years ago I started collecting her books, and the ghost-written ones. It took two years to get them all, and it was an exciting endeavor. My favorite book is “Throw Wide the Door.” Do you have any information about that book? Thank you in advance!


    1. Cindy, I’ve been traveling and fell behind in answering. Thanks for your comment. Good job, getting all of her books in just two years. I am writing about the books in order, so you can see that “Throw Wide the Door” is in fifth place on my list right now–with some more biographical/topical posts thrown in, too. Keep watching for it, and enjoy the others in the meantime!


  4. I have read all the emilie loring booksIin fact. I love Emilie Loring. I started collecting since the late 80’s during my college years. Unfortunately, most of the books were lost during our house transfer.My sisters and i were wondering back then why the books printed in the 70’s were a bit off the “emilie loring style”. Now i know the answer. I cannot wait to tell my sisters that a ghostwriter was involved. Thanks a lot. Im Annie N. Aquino from the Philippines.

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  5. I have a piece of notebook paper with all the book titles written down. I gave myself a quiz years ago and wrote all the characters and a sentence about the plot of each book out of my head. It looks much like your list! My mom wanted to name me Emilie but my dad nixed the idea.

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    1. That’s a great story! Did your mom read the books, too? Every now and then, I’ll get one book mixed up with another or call a character by the wrong name. Then I know it’s time to read that one again. I’ve left the ghostwritten books aside a long while now and am about to read them again. I bet there are a lot of details I’ve forgotten.


  6. Hello! I was considering writing a book myself about Emilie Loring’s books when i just discovered your web page and read about your forthcoming biography. Looks like a terrific site and am delighted someone has put the effort & passion into crediting her works and life with a well deserved biography. Mine was to be entitled “A Fan of Emilie Loring – A Glimpse of Her 20th Century America”. Perhaps a pipe dream for me, because to do her justice the research is essential and yours seems to have been impressively thorough. I ran across her paperback novels last year in a used book & antique store and the owner had nearly all them (mixed in with Grace Livingston). After reading about a dozen, I bought his remaining ones. 🙂 She deserves her place in the sun as an American author and I look eagerly forward to reading your book!

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    1. Marlena, I’m so glad to hear from you. If you have the inspiration, maybe you would consider writing a shorter version of your intent–a magazine article. Emilie does deserve her place in the sun, and a well-placed article showing that her books can be read and enjoyed by today’s audience would be terrific. Between us–the longtime fan and the brand-new one–maybe we can get the public’s eye turned toward her again. Would you like to start with a guest post here? Let’s talk. Write to me at and welcome to the website! (Join us on the Facebook page, too!)


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