A Certain Crossroad

“Mystery – Love – Thrills – Adventure” promises the ad for Emilie Loring’s third novel, A Certain Crossroad. Heiress Judith Halliday runs away from an impulsive marriage to Doctor Neil Peyton only to run into him again in a small, Maine village.   “Do you ever think back and wonder what would have happened had … More A Certain Crossroad

Here Comes the Sun!

Emilie Loring got the idea for Here Comes the Sun! while riding on a train.  She recalled: The engine shrieked a warning. Porters shouted “All aboard!” As the train shivered into action a black cocker spaniel jumped from the baggage-car. Long ears flopping, red tongue hanging, the blue tag at his collar flapping, he dashed … More Here Comes the Sun!

The Trail of Conflict

Emilie Loring’s first, full-length novel, The Trail of Conflict, followed an entire decade of published works. She had already written a book review column for the Boston Herald, plus homemaking articles, short stories, two compilation books published under her pseudonym Josephine Story, and several, serial novels. The Trail of Conflict actually appeared first as a serial in … More The Trail of Conflict