Spring Always Comes

After a harsh winter, hopeful signs of spring abound. Some of the happiest are the latest Emilie Loring editions on Kindle: For All Your Life and With This Ring. Each book that comes out gives me a little lift; I’m so happy to have them available! (Click on their titles to read their reviews.) Before … More Spring Always Comes

I Take This Man

Here’s a funny coincidence: I Take This Man comes out as an e-book the same week that my daughter will take her wedding vows. The cover says, “Can mistakes be undone?” but there are none of those here. We’re all happy as can be, secure that they have chosen well in each other! It’s definitely … More I Take This Man

The Shining Years: The Best is Last

The Shining Years (1972) was written twenty years after Emilie Loring’s death, but it is vintage Emilie Loring. It has everything–an old and stately home, a noble leading man, a spirited young woman, a worthy competitor for her affections, a wise older woman, villains, ideals, personal conflicts, and a love story. Stanley Holbrook’s life is neatly organized … More The Shining Years: The Best is Last

She Didn’t Like Flying, But Then…

There’s a new book out that suggests where William Shakespeare may have gotten not only inspiration but also settings, themes, and specific wording for eleven of his most famous plays. Researcher Dennis McCarthy used plagiarism software to detect similarities between Shakespeare’s plays and an unpublished manuscript of the time. It’s an intriguing technique that unearths … More She Didn’t Like Flying, But Then…