With One Decision, Her Possibilities Changed: Ebooks are Coming!

You have come up against them, haven’t you? One of those moments upon which you look back, catch your breath and think, “Suppose I had let the chance pass? What rich experiences, what happiness, I would have missed.” Emilie Loring

FullSizeRender 40Emilie Loring’s decision to write led to her book review column, nationally syndicated articles and short stories, and fifty novels published under her name that sold over thirty-seven-million copies worldwide in more than a dozen languages. (See their titles here.)

“You never can tell at sunup what you’ll bump into before sundown.” Here Comes the Sun!

But times changed. Hardbacks yielded to paperbacks and then went out of print. Emilie Loring’s novels waited for the next generation of girls to grow to young women, so mothers and grandmothers could hand down their copies.Painted in Waterlogue

Emilie Loring's last booksBooks endure, unassailed by the vicissitudes of electronic format changes. They have a soul-satisfying feel and smell, lend themselves easily to browsing forward or backward in seconds, and accept bookmarks that, themselves, become old friends.

She added…a few of her favorite books. They made her feel at home.

We Ride the Gale!

But books only last so long. They are cleared from library shelves, left behind, damaged in flood and fire, and break down from long use and passage of time. Their numbers dwindle, and the stories are read no more, until a revival brings them back into public view.

And how does that start?

Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz are probably known more for their movies than their books. Anne of Green Gables became a miniseries. Pride and Prejudice has a miniseries and a movie, and the Little House books became a television show.

For the vast majority, however, books gain new life as electronic reading experiences–ebooks.Emilie Loring on ebooks

Until now, Emilie Loring’s novels were available only as printed books, but her grandchildren made a decision, and now her possibilities have changed.

Emilie Loring’s novels will be re-issued as ebooks!

With that decision, Emilie Loring’s books become available worldwide. It will be as easy for readers in India and Brazil to read Emilie Loring as it is for readers in the United States and the UK.

Six titles are coming out soon, and I will announce them here. Send the links to everyone you know. Tweet them. Post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Emilie Loring deserves to be read and appreciated. Another generation deserves to discover her. Version 2

“We… look forward to the future with a tingling sense of more adventure to come.”

Emilie Loring, As Long As I Live

Keep checking back. The first ebook will be out in a few months.


22 thoughts on “With One Decision, Her Possibilities Changed: Ebooks are Coming!

  1. When will the rest of Emilie Loring books be on Kindle? I have all so far. Have loved her books for over 65 years, my paperbacks are coming apart but love them. Would REALLY like the rest in Kindle form, please.
    Thank you

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  2. I have looked over the years off and on for EL on ebooks, never there, so I kind of gave up the search. I have loved this author so, she actually molded my character and personality as much as anyone. I remember at 13 going to a Gibson’s store in a neighboring town and buying one paperback at a time, until I owned 33 by the time I could no longer find them (Gibson’s store was gone by then). I read the ones in the public library, but they did not have that many. There are certain ones that I have read and read and read and read. In fact, I usually read Today Is Yours around Thanksgiving and Hilltops Clear (my very favorite) at Christmas. Oh MY! I have so many favorites. EL taught me so much about morals and gracious living and gave this KY girl a love of New England. I feel like I have stepped over the threshold into my childhood home! I cannot wait to download. Until just now I never knew they were not all written by her; I just knew I did not like the later ones nearly so much as the early books. THANK YOU! I have a LOT of reading to catch up on here 🙂


    1. I am so glad you found us! “Gibson’s” brings back memories… maybe from when I lived in Texas? There will be four more e-books, and I recently learned that the books will come out as new paperbacks, also! I love that, because a physical book can be such a different reading experience. Emilie gave this Arizona girl a love of New England, too. I hope you get to go up to Maine sometime; you’ll feel like you recognize it!


  3. I received a notification today that A Key to Many Doors was available on Kindle from Odyssey Press. I clicked over to Amazon, and there it was!

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  4. I have adored Emilie for so many years. I have all of her books- some hard, some in paperback. Look forward to your book- how long to wait? I look forward to ebooks- hopefully soon to save wear and tear on my fragile ones. Love your site!

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    1. Thank you, Peggy. I wish I could give you a date. It’s my first time through this process, and everything takes longer than expected. I dream of it being out in… a year? Just remember that, like Emilie, I am an optimist! 🙂 Meanwhile, there are 100+ posts on the site, so read away and enjoy!


  5. Thank you, Patti, you have made my day with this announcement. I have checked so many times to see if any of Emilie’s works in addition to The Trail of Conflict have been published as e-books. I have all of her books, but they are paperbacks and many are so worn I’m afraid they are falling apart! I have been reading her books for over 40 years and I never tire of them. If I’m having a down day, I just pick one up and am instantly comforted and transported to another place by her beautiful writing. I’m so thrilled to find this blog and to know that there are many others who adore Emilie Loring!


    1. Yes, indeed, it will. I still prefer physical books, but I recognize the utility of ebooks, especially in rescuing long-out-of-print books so another generation can read them. I do a lot of research in early 1800s books that I wouldn’t have found without the electronic option.


  6. This sounds great! EL will reach the next generation if we carry the torch.
    Still love my hardbacks! Just received a first edition of “Bright Skies” from
    ebay today. Originally from Boothbay Harbor, Maine.(Memorial Library)
    Will certainly promote Emilie at the garden party this summer. I’m getting
    a great response. Just hope our resident garden snake does not show up
    for the festivities!

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    1. My husband and I honeymooned on the Boothbay peninsula. It’s a lovely place, and we enjoyed the botanical gardens there! Yes, I hope Mr. Wiggles has other plans on tea day!


  7. How exciting! I still want to find the 3 I’m missing (I think I can get them off Amazon–just need the extra money) in paperback, but I’d love the chance to put some on my tablet. Also, I can now recommend her to friends more easily.

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  8. This makes my soul so very happy. I adore my paperbacks, but I don’t want to take them with me when I travel because some of them are fragile from age and wear. To be able to have them on my Kindle too will be AMAZING.

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  9. This is very interesting. I have all of her books in hardback on my keeper shelves. I’d probably download some if I was away and had an urge (and that does happen) to reread (love to!).

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  10. Very exciting! I am not usually an ebook fan. But with Emilie books so hard to find and an unfortunate library book allergy incident this year, I will probably be waiting in line!

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