How Would You Do On This “Ask the Children” Quiz?

You’re listening to Station WBZ, coming to you from our studios at the Hotel Bradford in Boston. Tonight’s program is “Ask the Children,” the quiz program that provides fun and knowledge for the entire family.  Our Quiz Master is Mr. Selden M. Loring, a writer of children’s stories and son of the popular novelist, Emilie … More How Would You Do On This “Ask the Children” Quiz?

Chick Lit? Romantic Comedy? Literature?

As I re-stained my wooden deck yesterday, I listened to podcasts about book publishing. Apparently, one of the trends for 2018 is “chick lit”–the print counterpart to “chick flicks.” My first thought was that Emilie Loring’s newly-re-issued novels could benefit. (Are you keeping track? Five are now out as e-books.) My second thought was that … More Chick Lit? Romantic Comedy? Literature?