Happy Landings Newsletter

Greetings at the threshold of summer!

The internet has been dodging raindrops here all morning–now afternoon–and I’ve lost this post several times already. But I have just finished two months of family caregiving, followed by a basement clean-out and the start of a remodeling project. I shall not be deterred by a bit of dodgy internet!

“Remember the old proverb, ‘Leg over leg the dog went to Dover.’ You’ll arrive if you keep everlastingly at it.”  Give Me One Summer

Keepsakes and Treasures

So many family treasures!

It was my grandparents’ basement, so there were all kinds of keepsakes and treasures: Grandpa’s duck decoys and fishing rods, Grandma’s dishes, a room-size H-O-gauge train, old steamer trunks filled with photos, books without end, and boxes, boxes, boxes of this and that.

Where I read my first Emilie Loring book!

This is the ticket from the train trip on which I read my first Emilie Loring book, in 1966. What were the chances that this would have been saved in the first place and that it would have survived, unscathed, all these years?

I won’t give away these costumes, she decided as she lifted the cover of the cedar chest. They represent too much fun… To Love and To Honor

Emilie Loring’s House

Something else that has lasted a long time is the home that Emilie and Victor Loring built for themselves in 1894. Wouldn’t you have loved to poke through its treasures? Better yet, wouldn’t it have been wonderful to visit when Emilie was home?

Emilie Loring's Wellesley Hills home
Emilie Loring’s Wellesley Hills home

Emilie Loring’s home–and the remodeled carriage house behind it–are now for sale. If the $4.3 million price tag is beyond your pocketbook, you can still see photos and a virtual-tour video at its online listing, here.

67 Longfellow Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

I was inside some years ago, and I have photographs of the interior and exterior when the home was young. The main hall, looking through to the living room, with stairs and a bookshelf rising to the right, is nearly the same today as it was in Emilie’s time. Mantels,  woodwork, fleur-de-lis stained glass, and built-in shelves and drawers are much as she would have known them.

I hope the home’s new owners will appreciate Emilie Loring and keep her spirit alive there!

Maine, Eve
Emilie Loring in her Wellesley Hills garden

Kindle books

Still on the theme of old and new, I have updated the Bookshelf page of this website to show which Emilie Loring books are available on Kindle. If you should see a new one pop up before I do, send me a quick note, and I’ll add it right away. I do hope more of her original thirty books will join the ranks soon.



Blue Hill Fair



If you have Blue Hill in your sights this summer, the annual Blue Hill Fair is August 29th to September 2nd. It promises good, old-fashioned fun, and there’s no place so well connected to Emilie Loring as Blue Hill, Maine. I’ll be there, for sure!

Annual Emilie Loring Tea

Garden tea party a hit
Ellen’s “Emilie Loring Tea Party” in Ontario


It’s about time to plan this year’s tea. Do you have ideas for a theme or another way to style our event? Shall we have it this summer or wait for Emilie’s birthday in September?

I’ll catch up more with you soon, but I’m going to sneak this out while the internet gods are looking my way.

Happy Landings, everyone!

“I’m perched on the lookout spying for goodwill ships and treasure islands, and priceless friends, and lovely summer seas with just enough squalls to make me appreciate fair weather.” Give Me One Summer


4 thoughts on “Happy Landings Newsletter

    1. I love the open, light feeling of her home. She was aware of and sensitive to design, as we also see in her books.

      You make a good observation about the Kindle covers. Consistency is important for branding, and we want the covers to represent what’s inside to an audience not yet familiar with Emilie Loring. Manning deV.Lee painted the cover images for most of Emilie Loring’s original books. Therefore, the style and sense of representation was established and continued. There’s still an opportunity for the Kindle editions of Emilie’s original books to adopt something like that; I hope they try.


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