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6 thoughts on “Welcome! Here’s how to get around.

  1. I recently finished watching a show I had recorded on my DVR and when it went off the channel my DVR happened to be tuned to was a hallmark channel and the movie they were showing caught my attention so I watched and enjoyed it despite catching it halfway to the end. so having never seen any of that channels offerings before I set about watching a few of their movies, and after I had seen some the thought came to me that the Hallmark romance movies reminded me in a very fun way if the wonderful Emelie Losing books I had devoured and loved in middle school and early high school years. I had not thought of her books in ages so thanks to the Hallmark romance movies that remind me very much of Mrs. Loring’s books come to life, I’ve started a quest to find and reread as many of her books as I can to recapture the wonderful times I had as a kid growing up on army bases around the world where the first stop I would make every time my Dad got transferred to a new assignment would be the library or book store on post to stock up on my then favorite author to help me pass the time while getting to know the new place we were living in until I had a chance to meet people in the new school I would be attending… Mrs.’s Loring’s books were a constant delight I could count on to help me through those lonely hours of transitioning to a new community that we “army brats” had to deal with all too often in our growing up years.

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    1. Welcome, Sue! Emilie Loring wrote thirty novels plus short stories and articles, too. The “Bookshelf” tab on the website/menu can guide you. A few of her original books are now available for Kindle, too, if you read that way, also. Let us know how you enjoy retracing your reading steps!


    2. Can TOTALLY see how you made the connection between Hallmark and Emily Loring. Primarily because of the time in which they were written.

      Always loved how strong her heroines were, PARTICULARLY in the context of her times.

      If they were alive today, & as equally strong relative to their times — while they would share positive energy & that sense of community…

      Strongly believe that they would NOT be anything like that channel’s misogynistic view of women’s roles.

      Wile they would similarly be a helpmate for their man — it would be as a partner… It would not always be rural or malign urban living. Service would come from a sense of responsibility not boredom.

      But MOST importantly… The heroine would NEVER be apologetic for her lives & learnings pre-heroine. Or consider her career a shallow frivolous pursuit.

      We would Emilie Loring an immense disservice to compare her grounbreaking women to Hallmark’s spineless portrayals.

      Don’t believe that’s what you meant. Bur lest anyone new to Emilie reads this… Don’t want them to miss out thinking her work is as vapid as Hallmark.

      Indeed, whatever similarities they share are because many were written almost a century ago. Long before all the progress for women Hallmark so very very clearly resents…

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      1. Thank you, Anna, for your staunch support of Emilie. Strong, positive, sense of community, partner, confidently self-directed… all characteristics that we count on in an Emilie Loring character—young and old, men and women (except the “villains,” of course). Covers and jacket blurbs fail to distinguish Emilie Loring from a host of fiction writers whose characters also have adventures or fall in love but without the qualities Emilie provides in both prose and character—not overly idealized and preachy, but with humor and perspective. I wish I had better descriptors for her style or authors I could better compare her to. They always seem to fall short, which is a testament to Emilie Loring’s unique accomplishment.


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