Guest Post: I love Emilie, as does my mother

Fans of Emilie Loring tell great stories about how they first discovered her books and what she’s meant to them through the years.  For Mother’s Day, Leslie Bell shares her mother-daughter story:

EL Maine author wprI am so excited your post found me. I love Emilie, as does my mother.

When Mom was in high school in the 1940’s the library shelves were not open for the students to browse. Mom says you picked a book from a list, and the librarian brought you the book. Mom says she was sure if the author was Emilie Loring it would be a good book to read.

Bantam Emilie Loring booksMom discovered them again when they were reprinted by Bantam in the 1970’s and that is the set I first read. We checked the store in the town where my grandmother lived on each visit to get the next one. I have some from that period and then was fortunate to fill in the missing books from the collection of a friend who was born in the 1920’s.

Painted in Waterlogue
It’s like a history of the early 20th century.

Mom broke her arm about a month ago and has been really bored. The other night she said, “bring me an Emilie Loring.” We talked about which one she wanted and we decided to read them again. We are reading them chronologically by copyright date. It’s like a history of the early 20th century.

I have considered attempting to write an essay on the social conscience of Emilie Loring as expressed primarily by the secondary characters in her novels. Having just re-read The Trail of ConflictI found her opinion on divorce and the influence of women on their children to be fascinating.

It is ABSOLUTELY great to know there are other fans.

Mother's Day rose wpr

It sure is.  

Thank you, Leslie, and Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!  If you would like to write a guest post, please send me a note in our comments section.

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