Spring Always Comes

After a harsh winter, hopeful signs of spring abound. Some of the happiest are the latest Emilie Loring editions on Kindle: For All Your Life and With This Ring. Each book that comes out gives me a little lift; I’m so happy to have them available! (Click on their titles to read their reviews.) Before … More Spring Always Comes

The Shining Years: The Best is Last

The Shining Years (1972) was written twenty years after Emilie Loring’s death, but it is vintage Emilie Loring. It has everything–an old and stately home, a noble leading man, a spirited young woman, a worthy competitor for her affections, a wise older woman, villains, ideals, personal conflicts, and a love story. Stanley Holbrook’s life is neatly organized … More The Shining Years: The Best is Last

The Lure of Mystery in Beckoning Trails

Beckoning Trails was the first story Emilie Loring wrote after the death of her husband, Victor. They celebrated their fifty-fifth anniversary in December and his eighty-eighth birthday in January, before he died in February, 1947. They had always been good companions, and after her brother’s death, Victor had also been Emilie’s first reader, the one with … More The Lure of Mystery in Beckoning Trails