One Touch of Lipstick Makes All Women Kin

I have just spent the weekend with two independent, accomplished, and beautiful young women–twenty-somethings, like Emilie Loring’s characters–and they set me to thinking about attitudes toward competence and beauty.   As a child, I strove to earn A’s at school, and although I had school clothes, church clothes and play clothes, I don’t remember ever … More One Touch of Lipstick Makes All Women Kin

Nope, Sorry, That’s Not Romance

We need another word. Emilie Loring was called the “Queen of Romance” at a time when romance conjured visions of virtue, ideals, adventure, and honor. “I am looking for the romance of business, of politics, for the dragon-slayers, the imprisoned princesses, the sleeping beauties, the wicked dragons, the fairy-god-mothers of real life, not for romance … More Nope, Sorry, That’s Not Romance