An Emilie Loring Crossword Puzzle

Let’s switch things up with a puzzle today!

Emilie Loring Crossword

EL crossword clues

Let me know how  you do. I’ll publish the answers in my next post!

Happy Landings, everyone!

(Use the printer icon below to print the squares–page 2.)

5 thoughts on “An Emilie Loring Crossword Puzzle

  1. That was fun!

    I did fairly well. I won’t give anything away here.
    I confess I consulted some of the books where I knew the information would be.
    Much of it I did indeed know right offc.
    I cannot place Ozy however! My guesses were wrong.

    I’m going to need an Emilie Loring biography to complete the rest…oh, where can I find one?
    Oh, one will be out in the marketplace soon! Can’t wait!

    Hurry! Hurry! So I can complete my crossword.

    Best of luck to you!

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