How We Got Here: Our Survey Results

No surprise, we are an eclectic group of readers who have found our way to Emilie Loring! Here are our survey results:

How old were you when you read your first Emilie Loring book?

Sixty percent of us had read an Emilie Loring book before our twentieth birthday. AND at every decade, Emilie Loring has appeal, interesting readers for the first time from their twenties to their eighties. Emilie would be pleased by this!

If you haven’t yet read my post, “The Next Thing When You Are Ten,” it’s worth checking out now.

27%     12 and under
33%     13-19
12%     20s
 7%      30s
 7%      40s
 5%      50s
3.5%    60s
3.5%    70s
 2%      80s

How do you read Emilie Loring books most often?

Most of us read Emilie Loring in paperback editions, which makes sense, given that some 37 million of them were sold, compared to about a million hardbacks, and those original hardbacks are between eighty and one hundred years old now. Naturally, many have fallen out of use.

57% Paperback

20% Hardback

15% E-book

8% Multiple formats

Who are two other authors that you enjoy reading?

I loved reading your answers to this one! I keep meaning to write a blog post about the diversity of people who read Emilie Loring, and our reading tastes add fuel to that fire. Maybe you, like I, will find some new authors to explore here:

How did you find this website, The Emilie Loring Collection?

Most of you (65%) found this website when you searched for Emilie Loring. Yay! When I started this blog and website in 2016, The Emilie Loring Collection appeared deep in search results for our author. A few years in, the site reached the top of search results, and individual blog posts filled the first several pages. We remain at the top –after ads, of course 🙂 — which is good news for letting Emilie Loring readers know that her biography is at hand. (Come on, as-yet-unmet Emilie readers! Search for her!) Another 13% came here from our sister Facebook page, and the remainder were led by recommendations from friends or family. The take-home for me here is to encourage you to ask your friends and relatives if they’ve read and liked Emilie Loring; if they have, send them our way!

If you pre-ordered Emilie Loring’s biography, HAPPY LANDINGS: EMILIE LORING’S LIFE, WRITING AND WISDOM, how did you order?

Many of you have ordered an autographed copy of Happy Landings from me, via this website (Thank you!), and others have ordered from an internet seller (Thank you!). Noone reported ordering from an independent bookstore as yet, but I hope you know that you can do that and support local bookstores at the same time. Books will arrive at the Simon & Schuster warehouse this week and begin their trek to final sales outlets in time for release on March 14th. Let your bookstore and library know that you want to see Happy Landings on their shelves!

My toddler granddaughter left with her parents yesterday after a delightful, three-week visit. I would have kept them longer, but books will arrive at my “warehouse” (basement) soon, too, and I expect to be immersed in the details of commerce.

If you ordered a book from me, watch your e-mail, as I will contact you soon to be double-sure I have your correct information.

Exciting times!

Happy Landings, everyone!

5 thoughts on “How We Got Here: Our Survey Results

  1. This was fun to see and get ideas for fiction writers. I really don’t read a lot of fiction. I have come to enjoy the suspense of the late Mary Higgins Clark and have read most of Willa Cather’s works. I read lots of biographies and history books. I like putting it all together and seeing how we got here as a human society, culture, nation etc. I like reading about great people who took chances, investigated ideas, etc. History/bio authors Stephen Ambrose & David McCollough are among the great writers as well.


  2. Aloha! It was interesting to see the other authors chosen. I’ve read about half of them too. I forgot about many of them. I’ve passed on the website to others and hope they enjoy it as much as I do. I’m looking at some of the older posts that I missed too. I’m excited for you and for all of us to hold your new book in our hands soon. I’m was saving my bottle of champagne for my next art project, but will wait to open it to celebrate your new book too! Have a very happy day. Aloha Pam

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  3. I found your statistics fascinating but the most interesting part of your blog was your picture with your precious granddaughter. Love and waiting excitedly for your autographed copy. CONGRATS, Raqui

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