Many Paths to Get Here–What Was Yours?

Welcome to The Emilie Loring Collection, 2023. There are 305 posts in this blog, so if you are new here, pull up a chair and get cozy.

I’m always curious to learn how people find us here and what their background with Emilie Loring is. Some have only recently discovered her–maybe today–and others have been reading her since cameras used film, and telephones were connected by wires.

Before too long, Happy Landings: Emilie Loring’s Life, Writing, and Wisdom will arrive at my doorstep and your bookstore. When it does, I hope to let every Emilie Loring reader know that it’s available. But how will I find them?

We have readers here from every state and many countries, readers in their teens and readers in their nineties.

Please take this five-question survey to tell me how we first connected. I’ll use the results to plan an outreach strategy. If you have ideas, send them along in the comments section. I will compile the results and get back to you with what I discover.

Happy New Year and Happy Landings!

19 thoughts on “Many Paths to Get Here–What Was Yours?

  1. Can’t wait to see the survey results put together. Mom took us to the library as kids. I started biking to the library in high school. Boy, I think it was 5 miles one way. I tried to stay off the busy streets and in neighborhoods when I could. I don’t think I had a basket. I have no idea what I put books in. I guess it was some kind of backpack or even a paper grocery bag? [I don’t recall having a backpack in high school. Back packs are one of those things from college culture (like wearing sweats! ugh!) that in the last few decades have filtered down to K-12 students.]

    I discovered Emilie Loring books on one of those bike trips I think my junior year. I have been reading since. She’s my number one favorite fiction author. Jane Austen in #2.

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  2. My two sisters and I took turns going with our mother on Saturday to shop for groceries. I was the oldest and the only one interested in also going to the library with mother. It was during these trips that our mother introduced me to the Emilie Loring books and was hooked with the first one. This was in approx. 1950. I now have my own set that I collected over the years and I am in the process of reading them yet again. I am ready to start “Rainbow at Dusk”.

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  3. Hi all! Here’s a chance to let Patti Bender know how you discovered EL and who you are! Maybe she’ll include MN in here tour. Nancy

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      1. Let’s stay in touch when you know more about your book release and dates available. We’re in Minneapolis and my son is connected with the writing world here! I’ve so enjoyed your investigative sleuthing! I wrote my own novel, Above the Clouds, in 2015-16 as a gift to my sisters and nieces with a nod to EL’s influence. It was so fun!!!! Just editing again now, as I had to add another chapter which changed a few interactions down line. When are you going to write a novel? Maybe you already have! I’ve only begun to take more time to read your blog. You, like Emilie bring joy! Thanks for that gift! Nancy

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  4. I started searching the internet for ANY details of Emilie Loring’s life and her work as soon as the search engine was invented. I loved her style so much that knowing more about HER was a necessity. With virtually no success, I am now over the moon, Patti, that your book will present so many answers about how she became the writer and personality she was. THANK YOU and …. Happy Landings!

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    1. Thank you, Liz. The best satisfaction is sharing with people who really want to know about her. I’m eager for you to read the book and then ask any questions that remain. Happy Landings!


      1. I wanted to add that the first Loring book I read at age 9 was Gay Courage – courtesy of my older sister’s bookshelf. I was completely entranced and have that book to this day!

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  5. I have been an Emilie Loring fan since I was in college in the early 70’s. I own all her books in both hardcover and paperback. I found your blog by searching for Emilie Loring while I was looking for hardback copies of her books. ( I’ve always wanted to know about her and thought of awriting a biography myself and realized living in TN made that almost impossible.) I’ve already requested a copy of your book and can’t wait for it to be released.

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  6. Aloha! Very excited for your book launch soon. Choosing two authors was difficult. It would be exciting to hear what authors everyone chose. Would give us all some new ones to try. May you be rewarded for your hard work and patience waiting for the birth of your creation, Aloha, Pam

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  7. I said 12 on the survey, but I was actually 14. It was one of the privileges of turning 14-to read the “Emmy’s”. That and getting my own radio. 😁 many many years ago. I found you by looking for a list of the books in order. I found SO MUCH more.

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  8. years ago, I don’t remember how long I searched for Emilie Loring and found your blog. I’m very excited about the book coming out. We don’t have a local bookstore in our small community.

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