How to Give Emilie Loring This Season

To Love and to Honor Ebook
Just in time for holiday giving!

There couldn’t be better timing for an original, Emilie Loring book to come out as an e-book. And what a nice story to choose!

“If you could read only one Emilie Loring book, this is a good choice.”

see: Emilie Loring’s Last Book: To Love and to Honor

“Emilie Loring sounds great. I’d like to read her. What do you suggest?” 

That’s been the sticky part. We who love Emilie Loring think nothing of scouring garage sales, flea markets, and eBay. But that’s more than someone trying her for the first time would do. And I’ve been hesitant to recommend the first e-book, A Key to Many Doors, because it’s one of the hybrids, as much Miss Elinore Denniston as it is Emilie Loring.

19 Nov 1950 The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY), p 57
1950 newspaper ad

Now, along comes the next e-book, To Love and to Honor, “The most romantic, excitingly different novel by a favorite storyteller.” I like the cover art–the weathered, blue-green of the seaside, accented by two, gold wedding rings and lettering to match. It’s simple, and it’s lovely. It fits.

This will be my new, go-to recommendation for readers who want to try Emilie Loring. At $3.99 on Amazon, it’s a bargain.

To Love and to Honor on Kindle

But how does one give an e-book, so that it seems like more of a gift than an e-mail?

Maybe a themed gift with a small card announcing the book tucked alongside?

A quiet day of reading…

— a cozy mug, slippers, and packets of hot chocolate

— or if they are tea drinkers, a lovely teacup, aromatic tea, and little somethings to nibble.

Scone basketYou wouldn’t go wrong baking Emilie’s scones or her rich, fudge brownies, arranged on a tray or tucked into a basket with the recipient’s choice of beverage, for a solo afternoon. (See For the Comfort of the Family for recipes.)

This toasted canapé is tops. What’s the spread?”

“Mushrooms. Try one of the lobster salad rolls. They are something to write home about. I can say that as I didn’t make them.”

“No, thanks. I am reserving space for the brownies. I’m a chocolate addict.”

Story-themed presents:

The first scene of To Love and to Honor finds Bill Damon and Cindy Clinton in a gift shop, selecting bracelets.

“Not that one,” she whispered. “It’s been here for ages.”

“You know Sally, give me a break,” he appealed to the girl beside him. “Which one shall I select for her? I’m sold on this silver band with the turquoise. Think she’d like it?”

silver and turquoise bracelet

I’m seeing it: A smart, jewelry box, bracelet inside, along with a note, “I hope you enjoy reading To Love and to Honor!”

Emilie Loring Quotations

Two of my favorite Emilie Loring-themed gifts have been the mugs that my daughter made for me. She used my photographs for the backgrounds and added inspirational Emilie Loring quotations. Add an extra tag or card with the e-book gift explained, and voila!

“The beautiful things of life are just as real as the ugly things of life.”

“I’m afraid the only way I know to begin writing is simply to begin and go on from there. Keep everlastingly at it.”

To Love and to Honor is here in time for the holidays, and there are four more Emilie Loring stories scheduled to come out as e-books. Think of them as you make your gift lists. I’d love to see all of Emilie Loring’s books available online; let’s convince the publisher that there’s a demand!






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