12 thoughts on “The first Emilie Loring e-book is here!

  1. I didn’t realize ‘A Key To Many Doors’ goes so far back in Emilie’s history. It was published after her death and the finishing writer was an unknown person on the publisher’s staff. Or so I thought. I’m learning so much about Emilie’s life and writings thanks to you. I wish we could obtain copies of those original serialized stories she created
    in her early writing career.

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  2. I am excited that Emilie Loring will now be available on e-books, but I am sorry that the book they chose first was one Mrs. Loring did not write and was published 26 years after she passed away.

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    1. I understand. Take heart, though. Emilie actually did write much of it. The book came from her first serial novel and was lengthened from serial-length to full-novel length. I like this one.


    1. “A Key to Many Doors” was her first, serial story. It was lengthened after her death to create the present book. Therefore, it is both “vintage” and ghostwritten. I’m not sure how the order was determined, but there will be classic, hybrid, and more-ghost books released as ebooks.


    1. Yes! For the first time in nearly fifty years, Emilie Loring is available as a new purchase. May it sell and sell, and may a whole new generation of readers come to love her as much as we do.


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