Joy in Awareness, Gratitude in Appreciation

Thanksgiving color in the blueberry fields

Forget the press of feasting and cramming too many people into too little space for the afternoon, and let Thanksgiving–gratitude–carry the day.

SCAN0895 copy – Version 3
Guests arrive.

Gratitude is an in-the-moment awareness that something we have, know, or experience has intrinsic value.

“Focus on the good you have, not the lack of it, because whatever gets your attention will increase the energy of gratitude. That’s how joy rises.” Oprah (See her video on gratitude here.)

“People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things they’re thankful for experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems.” Derrick Carpenter (See his article on gratitude at Happify.)

Version 2

Emilie Loring had optimism for the future and a vivid awareness and appreciation of the present, a sense that life is filled with “radiant possibilities.” I think that’s why many of us read her books again and again. If time seems short for reading just now, here is a happy dose of appreciation for your holiday week.


How lovely she was. How vivid. Radiant health was the answer to that.  It’s A Great World

“She blinked away sudden tears of gratitude as her brother appeared between the snowy trees. It seemed incredible that the erect, vigorous man in army breeches, high boots, and heavy sweater was the same person whom she and Gerard had tenderly assisted from the black roadster not so many weeks ago.” Hilltops Clear

“Strangely potent, this thing we call, for lack of a better name, ‘attraction,’ isn’t it?”


Sonia laughed. “Don’t you believe in romance, Serena?”       “Thank heaven I do. I belong to a generation which believed in it…”  We Ride the Gale!

She loved all waterways. Brooks and streams spelled romance to her, and in spite of the age in which she lived, she was incurably romantic.  Uncharted Seas

“What difference do years make, Reub? So long as one keeps on seeing the romance in life one is never old.” It’s A Great World!


“We may be living in a profoundly changing society, but love hasn’t changed. It still strikes like lightning, burns, and if it’s the real thing, settles into a steady flame.”  With Banners

 Painted in WaterlogueImagination:

“Thank heaven for my imagination. I’ll wager I get as much thrill from visualizing what this border will look like as that physician got from isolating the pain nerve. Giant larkspurs, columbine, lilies in succession, holly-hocks, phlox, with mists and drifts of white gypsophila.” Hilltops Clear

My parents, Thanksgiving 2004


“For the first time in my life I understand why my father always said grace at his own table. Mother was something for which to give daily thanks if he had had nothing else.” Lighted Windows

Her mother’s dark hair was dressed to show the lovely shape of her head. The brilliancy of her brown eyes and the satin texture of her magnolia tinted skin were accentuated by a green frock… As for her father—Joan’s throat tightened—there wasn’t anyone in the world with such soft, white hair, such kindly blue eyes, so good-looking, so tall and straight, so sporting—so companionable. As Long As I Live

“Twilight…wraps my spirit in something soft and magically soothing”

A spiritual connection:

“Feel happier now?” he asked as she rejoined him. “Stronger. Church, any church atmosphere, does that to me and prayer helps me meet my problems with an I-can-take-it tilt to my chin. Try it sometime.”  Stars in Your Eyes

Every person with high ideals of living was a watchman upon the walls of righteousness, her father had said.  Gay Courage 

Emilie collage – Version 3Laughter:

“The therapeutic value of laughter is inestimable when problems seem unsolvable, when tragedy stalks every human in the world today and the light of peace in the forest of doubt is as elusive as a will-o’-the-wisp.  Stars in Your Eyes

The gay comedy had left the audience refreshed and rested, its problems pushed into the background.  I Hear Adventure Calling

Emilie Loring book cover, Gay Courage
Always she would go forward.  Gay Courage

Commitment to a purpose:

“Each life does count tremendously, my dear. Never doubt that.”  Rainbow at Dusk

“Decide on your goals, then start for them, determinedly, sanely, and with a joyous certainty of success.”  The Mother in the Home

“To me the most interesting thing in life is trying to do what I have to do superlatively well. Get a tremendous kick out of it.”  Gay Courage

“Forget the past and make the present something vital and inspiring.”  I Hear Adventure Calling

“I’m such a pushover for color.”


“Do you know what color does to me, Mr. Si? It sends my courage shooting above par, gives me the-world’s-my-oyster feeling—know it?  Hilltops Clear

She laughed and glanced in the hall mirror. “It’s the green bow in my hair. Color does something for me. Sets me on top of the world.”  When Hearts Are Light Again

Maine2 016 copy
Emilie Loring’s home in Maine


She entered the candle-lighted dining room. Had she ever really appreciated its charm before?  As Long As I Live

The air was slightly tinged with the aroma of fine old sherry.  When Hearts Are Light Again

“I love twilight, love lighted windows. They are like the welcoming eyes of a home.”  With Banners

Version 2
Emilie Loring


How I adore frillies!  Here Comes the Sun!

“Love of clothes is part of being a woman, isn’t it?”  Keepers of the Faith

Maine, Eve
“You dance like a dream.”

Dancing–and this was written when she was eighty-one years old:

“You dance like a dream,” he declared after they had circled the room. “Like it, don’t you?” “Love it. Always have. Always will. Those women seated against the wall with ‘Too old to dance’ plastered all over them give me a pain in the neck.”  I Hear Adventure Calling

Self respect:

“For that fabulous fountain [of Youth], substitute a sustaining faith that God’s in His heaven; meticulous care of health and body and the self-respect—accent on self-respect—to keep me determined not to be a back number. It’s so stupid to permit oneself to be dated, mentally or sartorially.”  Rainbow at Dusk

Version 2And Thanksgiving:

With the opening door came a potpourri of savory scent: roasting turkey, sage, oyster stuffing, crisping sausage, onions, spicy mincemeat.

…he returned from serving the onions, white, bursting from tenderness in the yellow of melted butter–the giblet gravy, smooth, brown, piping hot in its silver boat.

She marked the pies in generous portions. Apple, baked in an oblong tin, the four corners lusciously candied with molasses which had been used for sweetening in place of sugar; mince pie; pumpkin pie.

She stopped to look at the world outside. Two snow birds were busily pecking for their Thanksgiving dinner in the rusty grass, in front of the cottage which had once housed the farmer and his family. Purple shadows from drifting clouds cast curious patterns on the sand dunes. A rising breeze was kicking up white caps, which looked as if the sparkling blue and green sea had acquired a passion for lace ruffles. Marvelous afternoon. Version 2

Fair Tomorrow

Whatever sets you on top of the world, I wish an abundance of it for you this Thanksgiving.  Happy Landings!

2 thoughts on “Joy in Awareness, Gratitude in Appreciation

  1. Thanks for sharing all these gems! I love them! Especially, the Thanksgiving and the home quotes.
    The quote about laughter brought to mind an episode of “That Girl” titled The Beard. My sister and I watched it last weekend and could not stop laughing! It was so good to laugh that long and hard. Therapeutic indeed!

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