How much do you know about Emilie Loring?

Version 3Greetings from the Northeast! I have just come from a delightful visit with Eve, one of Emilie Loring’s grandchildren, and she had something for me: four Emilie Loring paperbacks that she hoped I would give to someone who would like them. If you’ve read Where Can You Get Emilie Loring Books? you know what a treat this is.

Let’s start with Here Comes the Sun!  It’s Emilie’s first Blue Hill story and one of her best for characters, dialogue, and action.

here-comes-the-sun-contestFor a chance to win this copy, answer the following four questions about Emilie Loring. All of the answers can be found in the blog posts. hint:  Use the “search” box to locate what you want.

That’s it.  Get started!  Soon, you could be reading your own copy of Here Comes the Sun!

Update: We found our winner! Here are the questions and their correct answers:

Where was Emilie Loring’s favorite garden?

It was at her summer home, Stone House, in Blue Hill, Maine.

Where did Emilie Loring finish her formal education?

Dean Academy in Franklin, MA

What three ingredients did Emilie keep on hand in her kitchen, in case guests stopped by?

Major Grey Chutney, anchovy paste, and Russian caviar

On which floor (the number) of the Boston Athenaeum did Emilie write?

The fifth floor

Keep checking the blog for more opportunities to win Emilie Loring books!



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