Have you heard about the Emilie Loring blog?

Fifty posts wpr

Yay!  The Emilie Loring Collection has reached fifty posts that have garnered more than five-thousand views by people in sixty-three countries!  Wow!  That’s a bunch!  Thanks for being here and making the website and blog a success.

Many of you know about my journey from personal curiosity to writing a full-fledged biography of Emilie Loring.  (If not, you can read about it here.)  In my innocence, I thought I’d just write the book, get it published, and voila!  Emilie Loring’s biography would be available for all to purchase.  Then I started asking questions…

How will people find out about the biography?

Enter social media.  WordPress, Facebook, Twitter… I’m there.  Early results have been great, not only in numbers but in the quality of our conversations.  I’ve loved hearing about how you found Emilie Loring’s books, and I’ve appreciated your many comments and messages in response to the blog.

My big goals remain the same:

  • Finish writing the book.
  • Find and engage the people who would enjoy reading it.

instagramNow, it’s time to ramp things up.  Baby boomers bought over thirty million Emilie Loring books, often in complete sets.  How many of her fans can we find?  How can we introduce Emilie Loring to new readers?

Engage search engines  When someone googles “Emilie Loring,” this site currently appears on page two of search results.  To break onto page one, I’ll need to optimize the site for search engines.  Some changes will be invisible to you– behind-the-scenes “metadata”–but I’ll also tweak categories, post headings, and tags to make them more useful for both search engines and people.

Meet the neighbors  New England writers, American history buffs, genealogists, book clubs, gardeners, travel enthusiasts… I’ll approach likeminded sites and see what we can share, beginning with guest posts on each other’s blogs and links to each other’s content.

Tried and true  As big as social media has become, traditional routes still work–articles in newspapers and magazines, presentations to clubs and conferences, conversations with colleagues, friends and family.

No one has to tell me that no matter how one’s mind sparks with ideas, unless one writes, nothing gets written. I’ve learned that still living truth. Give Me One Summer

“It takes a village,” as they say, and this is especially true for finishing the book and  simultaneously building an audience for it.  How can you help?

  • Keep reading.  You can’t know how encouraging it is to see the daily stats–ping! ping! ping!  I love it that you are here.
  • Tell your friends.  Share the blog on your social media.
  • Write a guest post for the blog.
  • Mention Emilie Loring at cocktail parties, book clubs, church socials, and gardening shows.  Create a buzz!

As always, Emilie encourages:

Her idea developed with magic-beanstalk rapidity, as all ideas will if they are dropped in fertile and well-cultivated soil. The Trail of Conflict

“I like seeing things grow. To me the most interesting thing in life is trying to do what I have to do superlatively well. Get a tremendous kick out of it. ” Gay Courage



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