Inspiring Pemaquid Point, Maine

“I’m perched on the lookout spying for goodwill ships and treasure islands, and priceless friends, and lovely summer seas with just enough squalls to make me appreciate fair weather.” Uncharted Seas I can well imagine this as a quote from Pemaquid Point’s Lighthouse, standing sentinel for its one-hundred-eighty-first year on the coast of Maine. You’ll … More Inspiring Pemaquid Point, Maine

Traces of Gay Courage

I love finding true-life connections, as I did last summer with Gay Courage. Nancy Caswell lives with her father in the parsonage at Sunnyfield: “There were little rabbits with upstanding ears cut in the yellow shutters. Gay orange and white awnings shaded the porches, boxes spilling over with yellow and white and purple blooms, adorned windows … More Traces of Gay Courage

A Certain Crossroad

“Mystery – Love – Thrills – Adventure” promises the ad for Emilie Loring’s third novel, A Certain Crossroad. Heiress Judith Halliday runs away from an impulsive marriage to Doctor Neil Peyton only to run into him again in a small, Maine village.   “Do you ever think back and wonder what would have happened had … More A Certain Crossroad