She Wasn’t Defiant; She Was Confident

You enter the room, dressed in your best. Those who can most influence your fledgling career stand before you. It’s your moment. How do you introduce yourself? Which details do you fill in? What do you leave out? What impression do you try to create? Emilie Loring wrote an autobiographical sketch for Penn Publishing Company’s Brief Biographies … More She Wasn’t Defiant; She Was Confident

She Fell Secretly in Love with Her Character

He admires her bravery. “What is this? A movie company on location?” She trusts him on sight and admires his quick thinking. He bent as if to kiss her, whispered:–“Name’s Drex. Danger.” Before Kay Chesney and Drex Hamilton leave the seedy, border-town bar and cross the International Bridge into Mexico, they are forced into marriage by an … More She Fell Secretly in Love with Her Character

Nope, Sorry, That’s Not Romance

We need another word. Emilie Loring was called the “Queen of Romance” at a time when romance conjured visions of virtue, ideals, adventure, and honor. “I am looking for the romance of business, of politics, for the dragon-slayers, the imprisoned princesses, the sleeping beauties, the wicked dragons, the fairy-god-mothers of real life, not for romance … More Nope, Sorry, That’s Not Romance