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Everything you learn allows you to see more. I share to make a meaningful difference–in perspective, application, or appreciation.  Emilie Loring’s story made that kind of difference for me, and I hope it will for you, too.

Intensely curious, I earned a B.A. with Phi Beta Kappa honors in English and history at Trinity University, an M.S. in leisure studies at the University of Illinois , and a Ph.D. in human motor control at the University of Southern California.  I have thirty-plus years’ college teaching experience and have also taught at conferences, workshops, recreation centers, and historical societies.  When there is information that matters, reaching outside the classroom just makes sense.

I have two grown children and am married to an engineer (Emilie would approve!). When I’m not researching or writing, you might find me hiking, cycling, kayaking, gardening, or traveling. I collect interesting rocks, sea glass, and all things Emilie.

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20 thoughts on “Patti Bender

  1. Hi, Patti!
    I just found your blog…thank you!
    I have all 50 paperbacks, which I treasure !
    They belonged to a great aunt who would tell us about them every summer when we visited her in Florida, and would even give us a short list of those she was missing! Obviously she found them all!
    I think “Here Comes The Sun” was her favorite , it is the only where she wrote the following:
    “If this book should ever roam,
    Box it’s ears and send it home”
    I have started reading them while thinking of this very special person in my life!

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    The Whispering Pine
    A novel by Sara Ware Bassett

    Whispering pines: A romance on a New England hillside Hardcover – 1930
    by Clara Endicott Sears (Author)



    1. Hi Kibby, Sara Ware Bassett also wrote a book called “Silver Moon Cottage” — remember the Silver Moon chowder house in “Fair Tomorrow?” It would be fun to see if there are any content parallels between these two Whispering Pines books. This was Clara’s last attempt at a novel; she worked very hard to get this one into print after many refusals. I think it was hard for her to write much of a romance when she had only had the single, unrequited one.


  3. Really glad to discover your blog and site. I hadn’t thought there was anyone left in the world who had read/admired Emilie’s books. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of them in the paperback versions from the 50s/60s, and even a vintage hardcover or two, they still show up occasionally in thrift stores. Congratulations on writing her biography, I am looking forward to it.

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    1. Thank you, Linda. I didn’t know there were so many of us until I started the blog. It’s so nice to mention Bruce Harcourt, Di Vernon, or Nancy Caswell and have someone else know them. A happy surprise! Enjoy the blog; you’ve lots of reading ahead. 😊


    1. Thank you! Yes, there’s an RSS feed. On a laptop/desktop, it’s at the top of the righthand column of the home page. On mobile devices, I’m afraid you have to scroll down beyond the comments to find it. Welcome! Glad to have you aboard!


  4. Welcome, Rebekah! I’m glad you’ve joined us. Invite your mom and sisters, too, and chime in often. It’s great to hear stories like yours. What are you hoping to learn about Emilie Loring?

    On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 7:33 PM The Emilie Loring Collection wrote:



  5. I have 1 thru 47 paperbacks -Bantam Book – published by arrangement with Little, Brown and Company written by Emily Loring which I have moved thru six states during the 55 married years of my 79 years of life and I wouldn’t trade any of them for a million dollars. These books have been read and reread many times. I am just now discovering you and your blog and looking forward to hearing more from you and the “biography”.

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    1. Welcome, Kay, and thank you for writing. I love hearing stories like yours, and I think you’ll find that you’re in good company here! Take some time to look around the site (There are 50 books; which three are you missing?) and please consider writing a guest post for us. So happy to meet you!


  6. My grandmother started me on Emilie Lorings and they have become a family tradition. Love of these books and characters led my sister and I on an adventure to ‘find’ Emilie — so we headed to MA to see where she lived, was buried, and read local histories about her; fabulous trip! My oldest daughter, Emilie, after my favorite author, said Emilie Loring characters helped shape her morals and choices in life. What a great legacy. So glad others are sharing these gems.

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    1. Wonderful story, Lisa! I wonder how many of us have gone on similar journeys. And you named your daughter Emilie! Please join us on Facebook and consider writing a guest post. I’d love to hear more.


      1. Hi Patty
        Greetings from Belfast. In retirement I research the 69th Pa Inf of the Civil War. The General in charge of this Regt was Gen Joshua Owen father of the ladies you have the article on. My website is at if you care to look. I am currently putting some information on the website on Owen . Would you be happy if I use some of your info etc as reference to add to Owens bio? I would of course ack you as source material etc but ONLY if you happy to agree.
        Many thanks and best wishes
        Michael Higgins

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      2. Hi Michael,
        Thanks for writing. I have read some of your site, and I’m happy to contribute to your thorough efforts on the 69th. I have more about the Owen family than appears here. I’ll continue via email…
        All good luck,


  7. Hey Patti! Laura just purchased a set of Emilie’s books from my Etsy site and told me about your blog. My mom will be so excited to hear about it, I’ll have to print out all your posts for her. Mom probably has a complete collection of her books and recently decided to sell some of them. She has a few favorites that she won’t part with, altho at 85 she isn’t reading much anymore. She didn’t tell me about them until I was in my 20s, but we both love them. Along with Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Cadill, Emilie is one of our favorite authors. If you are missing any books in your collection let me know, we might have them! Good luck on your journey, and can’t wait to to read your next post (and eventually the book)!

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    1. Welcome to you and your mom, Denise! I’m so happy when another longtime Emilie reader finds us. Join us on the Facebook page, too, where I post more frequent photographs. Some of us were sharing photos of our collections (books and memorabilia) to put in a gallery here, so if you and your mom want to contribute, that would be great. I will look at my collection and then check your site to see if you have my missing volumes. Finally, please ask your mom to share her remembrances of how she first came to read Emilie Loring books. I would like to write a post about Emilie’s readers and share those stories.

      Thanks for joining us! Chime in often!


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