Emilie Loring’s World-Wide Appeal

Emilie Loring’s novels, sold ’round the world.

A recent communication from a reader in Greece got me thinking about Emilie Loring’s popularity around the world. Fay wrote:

Her novels are really an oasis, a delightful way to travel back in another time, yet they are still appealing to the modern reader.

That’s such an important message. “Now, more than ever, we need a good injection of happiness and love, as well as beauty,” Fay continued.

Not only does Emilie Loring appeal across the years but also across continents, and in different languages. Fay prefers to read the books in their original English, but she shared some Greek translations with me.

“The first book, based on There Is Always Love, has the Greek title, With My Heart’s Blood. The second one, Stars in Your Eyes, is entitled in Greek, For Whom My Heart Is Beating. As for the third book, We Ride the Gale, it is simply entitled Sonia. Not very close to the originals, right?”

French Titles

I’m in Virginia tonight and away from my materials, but I found this French cover online–Pour Toute la Vie, which is For All Your Life.

Emilie Loring in French

My curiosity piqued, I went to WorldCat where I found some fairly direct title translations: Ce Jour est à Toi (Today is Yours); L’Ombre du Soupçon (The Shadow of Suspicion); Et l’amour vint en riant (And Love Came Laughing) = Love Came Laughing By; and La Bague au doigt  (The ring on the finger) = With this Ring.

Less direct was Passeport pour l’avenir (Passport to the future), which is likely Forever and a Day.

What do you think about Épousez-Moi, Monsieur (Marry Me, Sir)? Could it be It’s a Great World! or maybe A Key to Many Doors? Are there any others?

Les fiancées de Double H translates to “Brides of Double H.” The Double H was the ranch that Dick Marlowe bought from Rex Danton in Beyond the Sound of Guns. If that’s it, who were the (plural) brides? Kit and Ma Snell?

And what about De Ranch du Bonheur (From Happiness Ranch)? How many ranch stories are there? Would this be The Trail of Conflict? Maybe Hilltops Clear with its Prosperity Farm?

The last title I found in French was L’Image de son amour (The image of his love). What are your guesses for this one?

German Titles

The German titles are similar, with some fairly easy to figure out (I think!): Blick auf zu den Sternen (Look to the Stars); Romanze in Kalifornien (Romance in California) = Forsaking All Others; Es sprach das Herz (The heart spoke) = Follow Your Heart; Im Dunkel der Nacht  (In the dark of the night) = Behind the Cloud; and Alles lässt sich nicht vergessen (Everything cannot be forgotten) = How Can the Heart Forget?

Less clear are: Tröstliche Wiederkehr (Comforting Return) = High of Heart??? and Stürmischer September (Stormy September) = They’ve got me here. Gay Courage? For All Your Life? We Ride the Gale?

UK Titles

I don’t believe I’ve seen the original covers for Emilie Loring’s UK-published titles. Two are The Dragon Slayer (Here Comes the Sun!) and Come On, Fortune! (Uncharted Seas).

Can You Add to the List?

Emilie Loring’s books were translated into at least a dozen languages. If you know more, please type them in the comments below this post. If you have cover images, send them to me at contact@pattibender.com and I’ll add them to this post. I will also add more when I return from my travels!

One more thing before we go…

Happy Birthday, Emilie Loring!

Happy Birthday, Emilie!

September fifth was Emilie Loring’s birthday, but as you probably know, she didn’t celebrate that day. Instead, she celebrated her books’ publications days, which came, like birthdays, every year.

This year, 100 years after the publication of her first novel, The Trail of Conflict (1922), Emilie Loring’s biography is nearing release. It would have been perfect if the release date had been in 2022, but their publication dates will differ by only six months–close enough!

Happy Birthday, Emilie!

And Happy Landings to you all!

6 thoughts on “Emilie Loring’s World-Wide Appeal

  1. I just read “Beyond the Sound of Guns”. The engagement of Cal Smiley (the real estate guy) and Inez Langley (the mother of Lois) was announced at dinner the same night that Richard Marlow and Sally Carter worked out their issues. I love picturing Kit Marlow sitting on the top of the stairway with her eyes crunched shut and fingers in her ears when Rex Danton found her with the intent of proposing to her. Ma Snell and the FBI Agent were putting on an act for the cowboys (love that). Three brides revealed at the end of Beyond the Sound of Guns. I’m reading the WWII era books, trying to remember which one has the letter from Jess Ramsey (of Rainbow at Dusk) when she writes to her friend telling about the return of Vance Trent. It might be fun sometime to discuss Emilie’s “mean girls” because there are quite a few of them throughout her books. I wonder if it’s difficult or fun to create a snarky character. When Lois Langley says “I’m not ready Miss Fix-it!” in this book always makes me laugh.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILIE TODAY ! I have enjoyed your writings through the years and thanks Patti for brining HAPPY LANDINGS for all to enjoy! CONGRATS and Much Love, Raqui

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds fun! I pray the rain lets up today. And happy birthday to Emilie! I’ll look into the French titles when I can. I’m a Francophone.😊

        Liked by 1 person

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