Welcome to Our Tea and First Look: Happy Landings!

It’s time to reveal the cover of Happy Landings: Emilie Loring’s Life, Writing, and Wisdom!

Pour a cup of tea and check back throughout the day, as I update this post with Emilie Loring teas from far and near. If you haven’t sent yours yet, there’s still time: contact@pattibender.com

I added more teas at 4:30 CST. Keep checking back!

Even more at 9:00 CST. I love this community. Such great participation with teas, comments, and orders for Happy Landings!

Designing the Cover

Emilie Loring’s covers often had distinct foregrounds and backgrounds.

Original Loring covers

From the beginning, I imagined Emilie in the foreground of her biography’s cover, and I knew which photo to use–the smiling one of her sitting on the parapet at her Stone House in Blue Hill. She used this photo over and over across the years–in ads, on a stamp, and pasted inside her books with an accompanying inscription.

The background image might have been Boston, Wellesley Hills, or Maine… the settings of her life or the settings of her books. I thought it would be a hard choice, but it wasn’t. A photo that I took from the deck of a sailboat, looking from Blue Hill’s inner bay toward Emilie’s “Sculpin Point” captures Emilie’s spirit and that of her biography.

The result is Emilie on her own parapet, with her own shoreline behind her–Happy Landings, indeed.

Final cover design!!!

I hope you love it, as I do.

An Early Offer for My Readers

Happy Landings: Emilie Loring’s Life, Writing, and Wisdom will be released at all of the usual outlets on March 14, 2023. I will sell a limited number of autographed copies myself, and until July 21, 2022, you can reserve yours right here. No payment is needed now, only your contact information and the number of copies you wish to order.

Thank you for your support of me, this blog, and the long journey it has been to get Happy Landings in print and into your hands.

And now, our Annual Emilie Loring Tea!

Emilie Loring’s Family Leads the Way

I could never have written such a comprehensive biography without the unwavering assistance and support that I received from all of the Lorings, and when it comes to tea, they are first to submit their photos.

Emilie Loring’s Granddaughter Val and Great-granddaughter Kate

You will recognize the photo of Emilie Loring on her Stone House parapet–it’s the same as on the Happy Landings cover. The lovely, floral cups and saucers are part of Val’s “dowry china,” charming to even think about.

Emilie Loring’s Granddaughter Linda

Take another look. Yes, that is the original cover art by Manning de V. Lee, hanging above Linda’s copy of Rainbow at Dusk. I bet that silver box was her grandmother’s. Is the china, also?

Emilie Loring’s Granddaughter-in-law Tuulikki

Tuulikki’s sense of style is impeccable, even for a simple tea. We’re already planning our next meeting on the North Shore, when we’ll fill these cups again–or take a thermos along to the beach!

Emilie Loring’s Great-granddaughters Mary and Emilie and Great-great-granddaughter Allison

L-R: Mary Loring Shaw, Allison Lairson, Emilie Loring Lairson

Emilie’s first grandchild, Victor, was named for his grandfather, Victor J. Loring. In turn, Victor II named his daughters Mary and Emilie, for his mother and grandmother. With great-great-granddaughter Allison, these Californians prove that not all Lorings–or traditions–are in New England!

Beverly sets the tone for today’s teas:

“Life looks brighter”

“The butler set down the heavy Sheffield tray with its silver tea equipment. Jean, holding the muffin stand she had brought in . . . adjusted priceless Sevres cups, inquired preferences, tempered the tea to individual tastes. . . . ‘I like your thin bread and butter, [David said], and fruit cake, too. Life looks brighter and that balky engine outside seems of no importance. Wasn’t it Cervantes who said, ‘All sorrows are less with bread’?”

Hilltops Clear

“This excerpt reflects Emilie’s own refined, upper-class background and lifestyle, all of which inform her stories: the silver tea service (Sheffield, a 250-year-old English company recognized for its quality around the world); the delicate accoutrements like French porcelain Sevres cups; the daily ceremony itself of afternoon tea and the participants’ expectations of it; and, finally, the literary reference to Cervantes, included to display knowledge of the classics and refinement. 

“Reading an Emilie Loring story offers more than just a diverting plot–it’s an immersive experience with characters whose commendable personal traits of dignity, bravery, or patriotism are reflected in a culturally upscale setting. What fun!”

Beverly, Locust Grove, Virginia

Happy Landings, everyone!

4:00 in the Central Time Zone

Melody’s Family Tea

Tea for three generations of Emilie Loring fans

“My Mamaw, Mom and I are all big Emilie fans. We loved our tea- what a great idea….Some of our favorite books are on the table. :)”

I love to hear about multi-generation Emilie Loring families!

Cindy’s Massachusetts Tea

“To me the most interesting thing in life is trying to do what I have to do superlatively well. Get a tremendous kick out of it.”
Gay Courage 

Cindy enjoyed tea with her mother in Westfield, MA while reading quotes from an old copy of Gay Courage to celebrate the Happy Landings cover reveal. Her teapot looks like it might have a story behind it, and what lovely cups and saucers!

Jess at Tea in Alexandria

Wonderful original copy of The Trail of Conflict! (Neat book mug, too!)

“So glad I could stop by for tea!  Forgive me, my “tea” is actually coffee.

“My Emilie Loring tea is accompanied by a banana chocolate chip muffin, fresh raspberries, and The Trail of Conflict.  Moments after this picture was taken, I moved my copy of The Trail of Conflict safely away from all food and drink!  The Trail of Conflict was my first Loring read, and I look forward to trying another one of her novels in the future.

“Thank you for hosting!”

Thank you for contributing!

Barbara’s Iced Coffee (Which Emilie Loring also liked!)

Barbara’s tea table looks like spring itself–lovely flowers, and look at those perfect cinnamon toast points! It’s hot in Oxford, Mississippi, and iced coffee suits the day.

More Teas at 9:00 CST

Helen’s Books and Tea

Oh, what a pretty setting for Helen’s tea! Rainbow at Dusk, Give Me One Summer, Across the Years, and Hilltops Clear… Those, with tea, scones, and a friendly cat peeking in on the left make for a pleasant event, indeed.

Mary’s Tea in Boston

Keepsakes and flowers

Mary described : “A tablecloth I started embroidering at age ten, finished [with help] at age twenty, Wedgewood tea pot I bought when living in England, some Rackcliffe pottery, daylilies from my garden, and blueberry clafoutis.  Thought about making Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins — maybe next year!  Love the cover.”

I’m wondering about those Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins. Care to share the recipe, Mary?

Elizabeth’s Multi-generation Tea in Hinton, Oklahoma

Today we had my Mother Leilani, Mother-in-law Virginia, my mothers sister Martha, my sister Beverly and myself at our tea party at my home. We also did a phone conversation with my Moms other sister Carolyn who lives in Louisiana. 
We had an assortment of tea sandwiches and desserts we all pitched in to help with, along with various teas served on my Noritake China and different tea cups I have been collecting. It was a lovely time and we all enjoyed it! 
The only thing I forgot to add were our favorite Emilie Loring books! I meant to put them at our places on the table. Some of our favorites titles are Forever and A Day, Love Came Laughing By and Love With Honor, but we love them all! 
Thank you for arranging this! We are all looking forward to reading your book when it comes out! 

Emilie Loring’s appeal is timeless, reaching across generations. Love it!

An Artistic, Hawaiian Tea with Pam

The book? Bright Skies, of course!

I read my first Emilie Loring book in Kailua, Hawaii. I have continued to enjoy the descriptive language of her flowers as I have been living in the Mainland and now can identify the very flowers she introduced me to. When I read now, I can see the colors and details and smell the fragrances of the gardens. I thank you for the fun that I have had learning more about my favorite author. 
The book cover is just right! I look forward to reading it from cover to cover. Enjoy your Tea and company. Aloha nui loa, Pam

Pat’s Tea in Colorado

A lovely, floral setting with a unique treat: dragon fruit!

My husband, Pat: This is my entry for the Emilie tea celebration. I thought the dragon fruit wedges with homemade cookies made a respectable offering! (I do, too!)

Beautiful Blues in Oregon

My daughter, Sally, took her picnic blanket outside where her hydrangeas are in gorgeous bloom. I happen to know that those chocolate chip cookies are excellent, too!

Lynn’s Floral Tribute

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

Lynn’s gardens are lush and beautiful, so it’s no surprise that her tea is, too. Where Beauty Dwells is an apt title for the day.

Tea with Happy Landings!


I printed a sample cover of Happy Landings and wrapped it around a book with about the same front dimensions as the artwork. The eventual book will be thicker.

Even though it’s just a model, I’ve been carrying this pretend book around and propping it up around the house. It’s so fun to imagine holding the real book! Today, it came to tea with my grandmother’s 1930s china.

This has been a wonderful day!

Happy Landings, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Tea and First Look: Happy Landings!

  1. Dear Patti,
    The tea party was just lovely! The cover for Happy Landings is beautiful! Can’t wait for your book to be published – Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Patti, What a beautiful range of people and places attended this year’s tea party. I’m inspired by the stories and beautiful pictures people have shared. The book cover you designed is perfect, and I am so happy and excited about your upcoming book release! Love, Becky

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much for writing this book. I have suffered the loss of all EL’s books as a result of mold in my basement. How crushing. I’ll slowly replace them, I know, and your book will help me as I do.

    Patricia Liddie


  4. I wish I could have squeezed a tea in! But it is non-stop here with three young nephews visiting. Already looking forward to introducing them to the art of a tea party when they are a bit older!

    Love the book cover! It is just perfect for Emilie Loring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and welcome! Also visit the website’s “Bookshelf” where Emilie Loring’s books are listed in publication order and linked to posts about them. So glad you’re here.


  5. Congrats on the book cover! It is absolutely perfect. I love the many photos of beautiful tea dishes, delicious snacks, and comfy and pleasant settings. Such creativity. Hats off to your readers! I have been way too busy of late. I shall try a Friday afternoon tea. It won’t compare in beauty, creativity or deliciousness to those I see here! But it shall be mine! Happy Landings to one and all!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations, Patti! You are amazing! Best of luck as your book enters the world beyond your desk, your blog, your family, your imagination and your fans.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This is all so interesting, Patti.
    At 4 today I will envision all the Emilie Loring fans doing the same. Thank you for planning this.

    Liked by 1 person

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