An Invitation to Tea and the Happy Landings Cover Reveal!

You are cordially invited to a very special Emilie Loring Tea

on Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. in your time zone.

How it works: Prepare a tea any way that you like and send a photograph for me to post.

Have fun making your tea Emilie-themed! Display a book, recreate an element or scene from one of her books, dress the part, serve something from Boston or Maine…

Be as creative as you like, or simply have a cup of tea. It’s up to you. Have fun.

Send your photos and a short description of your event to

I will share your photos and comments throughout the day.


Can you guess?

For the first time, I will reveal the cover design for

Happy Landings: Emilie Loring’s Life, Writing, and Wisdom!

Hooray! Come and see what your copy of Emilie’s biography will look like!

Fine print: Can’t make this day or time? No problem! Have your tea early and I’ll post your photos along with the rest. (Shhh… No one will ever know!)

The cup that cheers

Emilie Loring was “at home” for tea on Thursday afternoons at 4:00–hence, our day and time.

“Tea, Greg? Do you also depend on the cup that cheers to recharge your mental battery every afternoon at four?”

When Hearts Are Light Again 

Four o’clock was the traditional time to relax in good company and recharge with “the cup that cheers,” anticipating an evening meal at seven or even eight o’clock. The menu was easy: small sandwiches and cakes, sweet and savory, with perhaps a dish of nuts or fudge.

“Afternoon tea”

“The ‘afternoon tea’ is the least expensive, least troublesome, and one of the most popular forms of social entertainment. Good tea, good sandwiches, and good company make an ideal social combination.”

Anne Seymour, The A-B-C of Good Form, 1915
Solo tea and scones

Even easier is a solo tea. Prepare your favorites and grant yourself time to enjoy them.

I’ll see you on July 7th. Meanwhile, stay tuned here for all things Emilie Loring!

Emilie Loring’s tea service

“Fill the kettle with water while I set up this for Operations Tea Party.”

Beckoning Trails 

Happy Landings, everyone!

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