Now on Kindle: Emilie Loring Originals!

For years, I’ve loaned Emilie Loring books from my own collection to people who couldn’t find copies in used-book stores or garage sales. Maybe you’ve had the same problem. The desire is there, but where can we find the books?

Well-traveled Emilie Loring books

Ta da! The solution is at hand! The partially ghostwritten books were the first to appear as ebooks. Now, most of the originals are here!

Since September, fourteen of Emilie Loring’s thirty novels have been released for Kindle. That brings the grand total to twenty-two. These include nearly all of her 1930s and 40s books.

Now on Kindle

I’m happy to see how nice their covers are! They relate well to the stories (vs those awful Bantam covers), and the best of them may be better than the originals.

The original titles now available on Kindle are: The Trail of Conflict, Here Comes the Sun! Swift Water, Lighted Windows, Fair Tomorrow, Uncharted Seas, Hilltops Clear, With Banners, It’s A Great World! Give Me One Summer, As Long As I Live, Today Is Yours, High of Heart, Keepers of the Faith, Beyond the Sound of Guns, Bright Skies, Beckoning Trails, I Hear Adventure Calling, Love Came Laughing By, and To Love and To Honor.

Our Bookshelf page marks the Kindle titles with two pink asterisks, so you always have a ready reference.

Now on Kindle

As her biographer, I couldn’t be more pleased. Access has been the barrier to new readers getting to know our favorite author. I’ll always be partial to physical books, but how glad I am that Emilie Loring’s books can now reach worldwide again, with the click of a device.

Happy reading, everyone, and happy landings!

[I promise to be back soon in full form. For the moment, my dear computer has fallen prey to an operating system “upgrade” that has yet to return my content to me. I tap this out on my trusty iPad.]