Emilie Loring’s Self Care for Capable Women

Emilie Loring
Emilie Loring

Emilie Loring was a thoughtful woman. She was an active woman with wide-ranging interests. She was an intelligent woman who considered possibilities thoroughly before acting. So when her characters stop to care for themselves, you know she had a purpose in mind.

1930s fashion
“Clothes go to my head like laughing gas.”

Dress well

She began at the very start of their day, dressing her characters thoughtfully for the activities ahead. No quick “jeans and t-shirt” for these girls. Attire mattered, not only to participate fully but to also feel good while doing it.

Prudence Schuyler, in dark blue linen slacks and short-sleeved green shirt, knelt beside the border of the garden back of the red brick house. Hilltops Clear

She changed to navy blue shorts, with a top of gay India print, white sandals, and caught up the green and gold pennant.  Give Me One Summer

“I like you in that green linen. Makes me think of a cool cucumber.” Give Me One Summer

She tested every detail of her appearance. Her orchid evening gown set off her arms and the curves of her white shoulders to perfection. The Trail of Conflict 

I Hear Adventure Calling cover
“I hear adventure calling.”

Start fresh

Emilie Loring’s stories started with complications, which she treated as beginnings.

There were no dark places in her soul this morning.  Gone was the sense of monotony.  The possibility of adventure waiting round the corner thrilled her, not a doubt lurked in her consciousness.  Something might happen on this expedition, something big, the atmosphere tingled with possibilities.  She had been wise to follow her hunch.  Lighted Windows

She drew the clear air deep into her lungs. She must make the most of it.  Give Me One Summer

She shook off the past, filled her lungs with the sparkling air and her eyes with the present.   Hilltops Clear  

Enjoy achievement

Emilie Loring’s women are capable and confident. A burglar needs catching? A garden needs planting? A social situation requires easing? They dive right in. “Self care” for capable women means exercising their strengths and enjoying their achievements.

“You sure can handle tools, Miss Prue. Whatta mean is, I’ve never seen a girl nor woman before so handy with ’em. The way you made that handsome gate for the front–ain’t nothing like it in this county–an’ took the top off that busted sewin’ machine you found in the attic made my eyes pop.”  Hilltops Clear

“I’m a demon painter. If I have time I’ll do a few pieces of furniture.” Hilltops Clear  

“As there’s no need to hurry about getting the living room in order, I’ll put in an hour at my bench. Change of work will rest me. I haven’t even looked at my tools for days and days. We’ll let the cows’ grooming go until tomorrow.” Hilltops Clear  

After all, was there anything equal to an absorbing interest for keeping one well and happy and efficient? Hilltops Clear  

“To me the most interesting thing in life is trying to do what I have to do superlatively well. Get a tremendous kick out of it.”  Gay Courage


Emilie liked to do things one at a time, and thoroughly. Her characters sometimes juggle responsibilities, but when they are fully absorbed in the tasks they love, time seems to fly.

She looked up in surprise.  Her work had burned up the hours. The Trail of Conflict

One dwelt in another world when one was at work on a story… Her cheeks burned, her fingers flew as they kept pace with the thoughts that flooded her mind.  Give Me One Summer

“Steady, Goldilocks, steady.”

When things go topsy-turvy, Emilie Loring’s women right themselves and keep on going.

Here Comes the Sun! illustration
“Hold tight!”

“You don’t take even a gambler’s chance if you keep your head.”

“Don’t be frightened, Sweetie-peach! ‘Shooting the rapids is as simple as navigating a frog-pond–when you know how.'”

Here Comes the Sun!

“I’ll stick it out. I like to finish a job I begin.”  Give Me One Summer

Time out in favorite places

Emilie’s books let her spend time in her favorite places–which her characters loved, too.

“I devote from nine to ten months to a novel and during the major part of each day I exist in the world I am creating. Why spend all that time in a sordid environment? I like charming surroundings.”  Emilie Loring

“How salty the air is. I feel as if I owned the world and a little bit of heaven when I’m up here on the deck of the lighthouse.” Give Me One Summer

She had planned to slip away to her favorite cove on the shore with a book she had been eager to read.  Where Beauty Dwells

The city!  The adorable city!  She had been starved for it.  Fair Tomorrow

Rest at day’s end

All day the domestic ship is steered by the compass of System, but as the sun goes down we let a blissful sense of irresponsibility take the helm.  For the Comfort of the Family

A few hours later Sandra slipped into vivid green pyjamas… She propped her chin in one pink palm and looked up at the starry sky. Worlds upon worlds above her… Uncharted Seas

Stars, like a million lighted windows.  They gave a sense of home glowing through the darkness, sent her courage soaring like a captive balloon let loose.  Lighted Windows

I don’t know why I don’t look up at the stars more often. On the edge of town where I live, the night sky can be deeply black and brilliant with stars. It always feels peaceful, a nice cap to the day.

Emilie Loring Tea Party

But I have something else to look forward to this week, one of Emilie Loring’s favorite,  social interludes: our tea party!

How are you coming along on your tea plans? (If you didn’t get your invitation, you can view it here!)

If special events are punctuations in our normal routines, what will yours be? An exclamation? A “radiant spot in between” two dashes? A parenthetical addition to an otherwise-directed day?

Tea Hour is Precious

Mine will be a solo tea, so I’m going to imagine I am in Maine, on the deck that’s pictured in the header of this website. I had planned to be there in a few weeks, but since I had to cancel, I’ll travel in imagination and do what I can to make hot and humid Kansas feel like Maine for the day.

Version 2
I’ll be here–in spirit!

“The hotter the day, the hotter the tea,” Emilie said, and I’m taking her at her word. Darjheeling is my usual choice, but this year, I have a special peach variety from my son, whose wedding anniversary is also on Thursday. Its bits of peach, blackberry leaves, papaya, ginger, and apricot are perfect for a summer tea.

After I pick up my grocery order, I’ll have a better idea of what I’m going to serve with my tea. I’m hoping for cucumber sandwiches, stuffed dates, fresh fruit, and either scones or Emilie Loring’s brownies.

It could be Oreos and Goldfish.

It’s going to be very hot here, with an 80% chance of thunderstorms. That means I’ll be indoors, maybe looking out at my Maine-rock fountain (if I get it set up by then).

Backyard fountain
Nothing so restful as the sound of water

It’s going to be fun to see what creative ideas you all have this year.  Although I will be solo for the tea and goodies, I won’t be alone. I have all of you to share with!

Happy self care, happy tea preparations, and happy landings!


8 thoughts on “Emilie Loring’s Self Care for Capable Women

  1. Wow!What a great thoughtful andfun post. I’m sorry I didn’t see it before tonight. Somuch effort I. Pulling together the quotes and forming the themes.im too short for those fashions for tall slender women in those pictures. Sorry–finger typing.😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Peggy. In these weird times, an extra splash of self care seemed in order. My favorite: “‘Self care’ for capable women means exercising their strengths and enjoying their achievements.”


  2. Okay, Patti, I have a few things I really want to say….Number 1, THANK YOU for this post! The clothing thing is so true…I still remember in We Ride the Gale! (I think) where she makes her nephew (Dickey?) change his clothes because he was unhappy in them…I’ve actually taken perfectly fine clothes to the thrift store for that reason! And then when you said, “No blue jeans and tshirts” I bust up laughing, because, you guessed it, that is EXACTLY what I’m wearing today, but in my defense, it is lawn mowing day…lol.
    Number 2, the pic you used for “rest” is EXACTLY how I picture the heroine’s bedroom! Pretty much every time!
    Number 3, I think I’m a “thick mug” type of girl, rather than the thin China.
    Number 4, I’m definitely going to do an afternoon tea! I’ll check out the link and see what I can arrange. I keep forgetting about this each year…I need to plan in advance one of these years and go all out. I do live by the ocean, and we have a few coves, but we have fog and sometimes a lot of wind, so I may have to do like you and use my imagination. 😛 Again, THANK YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You had me at “I do live by the ocean…” Thanks for writing, Corrine. I am so glad when a post connects. I chuckled about the clothing, too, as I wrote it. I write this now in athletic shorts and t-shirt, about to walk on the treadmill downstairs, probably not an outfit that Emilie ever owned. When I want to re-charge, though, I often think of Emilie–and definitely of Dickey–and up my game a little. It’s the same with me and mugs: often, I drink from chunky ones, but I have lovely, porcelain ones that give me a lift. I’ll look forward to seeing what you devise for your tea when we share tomorrow! Now, go and enjoy that foggy, windy oceanside and remember me out on the hot, humid plains. 🥰


  3. Patti,

    I had missed the tea invitation but will make time in my day Thursday for a special tea all by myself.

    Do you have the Emilie Loring brownie recipe that goes with that photo? I’d love to make those. Or, the blueberry scones.

    Always enjoy reading your posts. This one in particular as I needed the boost to my morale.

    Thank you, Kathleen

    Sent from my iPhone

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    1. Here you go, Kathleen:

      Emilie Loring Brownies
      Mix together 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup melted butter, 1 egg, 2 squares of melted Baker’s chocolate, 3/4 teaspoon vanilla, 1/2 cup sifted flour, 1/2 cup walnut pieces.
      She used a 7″ pan lined with parchment; I’ve had success with a standard 8-9″ brownie pan. She gave no specific temperature or time (“Bake in a slow oven.”). I use 350 degrees, about 25 minutes… until they test done with a toothpick.

      I hope the brownies, our tea, and the company of an Emilie Loring book will all boost your morale to happy status!
      Happy landings!


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