Emilie’s Christmas Eve on Beacon Hill

Take a few moments for yourself, and enjoy Emilie Loring’s memories of Christmas Eve on Beacon Hill in the 1930s.

Painted in Waterlogue

“Christmas Eve on Beacon Hill! Was there a lovelier sight in the world, Julie wondered?

Painted in Waterlogue
Candles in every window

“Candles in every window and a vague spirit of reverence silencing the milling crowds. Candles in rigid rows. Candles in pyramids. Candles in the ecclesiastical manner.

“Garlands over priceless Colonial doorways. The eyes of old portraits peering through dusky rooms to meet eyes peering in through violet panes. Big snowflakes falling softly.

Painted in Waterlogue
Young men clutching the arms of their girls

“Smart red berets with perky quills. Smiling lips as scarlet as the hats. Trig little coats of fur. Young men clutching the arms of their girls. Bell ringers. Miniature evergreen trees glinting with exciting colored lights on small balconies railed with fantastic convolutions which glistened like white marble.

Painted in Waterlogue
Whiffs of coffee, fir and balsam

“Friends passing in and out of hospitably open doors. Whiffs of coffee, fir and balsam. People of all ages strolling up and down the Hill. Snow like diamond dust powdering their shoulders. People distressed by poverty, frightened at possibilities, bewildered by uncertainties, living in the aftermath of an unprecedented economic upheaval, smiled, laughed, called ‘Merry Christmas!’; joined with heartfelt fervor as the voices of the carolers rose in song:

Painted in Waterlogue‘Peace on earth, good will to men,

From Heaven’s all-gracious King.

The world in solemn stillness lay

To hear the angels sing.'”


Merry Christmas, everyone.  Happy Landings!

Painted in Waterlogue
See you all in the New Year!

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