Guest Post: My Incredibly Delightful Emilie Loring Journey

I wonder how many of us read our first Emilie Loring book on some sort of transportation. I was on a train, and our guest writer, Ruth, read her first on a bus. Settle back and enjoy her journey: 

to New Mexico
I settled in for the long ride home.

It was the summer of 1956; I was 18, and this was the first time I had travelled alone. I was returning home to northern New Mexico after a visit with my brother. He had driven me to Salt Lake City so I could return home via Greyhound bus, and I settled in for the long ride home (750 plus miles – no Interstates back then).

For all your life paperback
I loved the book and was hooked for life.

The bus made many, many stops and somewhere along the way at a Podunk bus stop, I wandered into the “station” to look for a book to entertain me on the ride; I had always been an avid reader.

By some quirk of fate, I chanced upon For All Your Life, by Emilie Loring; I was not familiar with the author, but the book interested me. Well, needless to say, I loved the book and was hooked for life. Little did I know then that this book would change my reading preferences forever!

When I got home, I headed to our local library (small town stuff – open for two afternoons a week), and I took my Emilie Loring book with me. I spoke to the librarian and showed my book to her asking if she had any books by this author. She did not, but she did borrow my Emilie Loring book to read.

library Emilie Loring books
One for the library and one for me

The very next week she proceeded to order Emilie Loring books for the library. She ordered two copies of each title when she ordered – one for the library and one for me (to purchase, of course). Every month she continued to order Emilie Loring books, and my collection slowly started to build. I continued buying and reading every Emilie Loring book I could find. When I did not have a new one to read, I did what any reasonable person would do – I reread the books I had.

As soon as my two younger sisters advanced beyond the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, I encouraged them to read my Emilie Loring books. My sisters both came to love the books as much as I do (almost).


I have read them all many times, and each time I read one, it is a new adventure. The original 30 books are definitely the best. But the ghostwritten books have merit, even though they are not up to Emilie’s standards. Almost, I feel as if I knew her.

I am now in my 80s and still enjoy reading them again and again. With one exception, I have a complete set of the hardcover books (one was loaned out and never returned – also never loaned them again). We recently moved from New Mexico to Arizona, and, along with many other things, my precious Emilie Loring books are packed away in a box in the basement. So for now I am reading the Kindle versions.


Emilie Loring has been my favorite author since that day on the bus when I read For All Your Life. From her writings one can easily discern that she was both well-read and well-educated. Her descriptions are incomparable – they painted visual pictures that made me feel I, myself, was in those very spots even though I had never seen those places in person.

I cannot say enough good things about her books. I sincerely wish everyone would enjoy and love her books as much as I still do. I am so looking forward to reading Happy Landings.

dust jacket emilie loring books
I sincerely wish everyone would enjoy and love her books as much as I still do.

Thank you, Ruth.  I love the sisterly “My sisters both came to love the books as much as I do (almost).”  I hope we can find that last book for you! 

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: My Incredibly Delightful Emilie Loring Journey

  1. I have just come across this conversation when surfing the internet regarding Emilie Loring. My 87-year-old mother introduced me to EL books back in the 1970s when I was a teenager. She had read them all as a teen herself and began purchasing the Bantam paperback editions so she could reread them and then pass them on to my sisters and me. I grew to love them and also clearly saw a difference between the first original 30 books and the ghostwritten 20 books that followed Mrs. Loring’s death in 1951.
    In preparation for selling her home and moving in with my sister, Mother has given me her entire well-worn Bantam collection, and I have just begun to read them again – in order of publication- after so many years. But first, I just finished Happy Landings after the excitement of discovering this biography of Emilie Loring! I feel as though I know her now. And now I’m looking forward to rediscovering her remarkable stories again.
    Thank you, ladies, for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Love reading your story about discovering Emilie and helping others find her as well. My mom introduced me to Emilie when I begged her to take me to the library because I was desperate for something new to read. She made a face and pulled the book from her handbag. I fell in love and read everything. I now have original hardcopies as well and will never let them go.

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    1. Vicki
      Thank you for your kind words. I, too, treasure my Emilie Loring books and enjoy rereading them time and time again. That your mother had an EL book in her bag is really cute! Years come and go, and I still love EL as much today as I did when I read my first Emilie Loring book. Again, thank you for your comments, and may God bless you.

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  3. How exciting to read Ruth’s story! It is so like mine–Emilie Loring quickly became my favorite author at about age 18 as well. Her works are timeless in their themes. EL changed my life as well and helped instill “ideas and ideals” in me. As for the transportation part, I rode my bike to the local library where I discovered EL books.

    I started making an inventory of objects in my home that are precious to me–thinking a bit grimly I suppose! EL books are at the top of my list…which is not really that long. I have not read on Kindle yet, but may do so. I’ve moved from Kindle to paperbacks in general b/c I get the paperbacks used cheap at a big store nearby.

    Thanks for sharing your story Ruth! Thanks for posting Patti!


    1. Peggy
      You are such an inspiration, and today I enjoyed rereading all of your guest posts. You are so knowledgeable about each book. It has been far too long for me not to have reread all of the EL books – in the order written; that is something I believe I have never done. The Kindle versions are okay as far as I am concerned, but somehow holding a physical book in my hands is really better and more enjoyable for me. I, too, feel that my EL collection is one of my most treasured possessions. I am glad you enjoyed my Guest Post, but to be honest I could have made so many more comments about her books (including the Ghosties). My least favorite of those was The Shining Years! It just didn’t quite read like any of her first 30. Thanks again for your nice comments, and may God bless you.

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      1. Hello Ruth,

        I just saw your reply today. A busy week or two at my end. Thanks for reading my comments. I share your feelings about The Shining Years. There may be another stinker in the mix, Love With Honor. It could have gone in so many better directions. The premise was interesting…oh, well.

        I kept notes on each book and commented on the link for each book as I read it. That helped me provide so many details in posts and comments. I think Patti showed my spreadsheet format in a post.

        Thanks for sharing your journey with us. God bless you as well!


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