Ice-day Emilie Loring Contest


Now home after nearly three months of travel to Colorado, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, I ventured out in my neighborhood to buy groceries and turned around after a block. Too icy!

Precipitation, ice day Emilie Loring contest
“The world was glorious, even in a storm.” We Ride the Gale!

I need to unpack, reassemble my study, and “Marie-Kondo” the rest, but while I’m doing that, I have a project for you.

grosset and dunlap editions
Later-edition Emilie Loring books

In December, Tina Lewis Rowe asked me to find homes for her collection of Emilie Loring books. Those will go out as soon as I get addresses for their new owners and can drive to the post office again. What a happy project that has been!

But wait! There’s more!

An Emilie Loring collection
How is your collection of Emilie Loring books coming along?

When I published “Free to a Good Home: Emilie Loring Books,” Virginia suggested that I occasionally have a contest where the winner gets to choose two books from the list.


Super idea, Virginia, and I have more books!

I’ve rescued Emilie Lorings from basements and old bookstores, wherever I found them. When I had a full set of hardbacks, I started looking for first editions. Even after supplementing fragile, first editions with sturdily-bound, later copies, I still have duplicates. I’d like to try Virginia’s idea.

Here’s the first contest:

Write a short piece on the theme, “Inspired by Emilie Loring.” 

Entries should be 500-1500 words, typed into the body of your email. (No attachments)

Send to by Sunday, February 10th, with “Inspired” in the subject line.

If your entry is chosen to appear on The Emilie Loring Collection, you will get to choose two books from the list. (Let me know, if you prefer paperback; I have a lot of those, too.)

The Trail of Conflict    Here Comes the Sun!    A Certain Crossroad    Gay Courage    Fair Tomorrow    With Banners    Give Me One Summer    High of Heart    There Is Always Love   Stars In Your Eyes    When Hearts Are Light Again    Keepers of the Faith    Beyond the Sound of Guns    Bright Skies    Beckoning Trails    Love Came Laughing By

For All Your Life    I Take This Man    The Shadow of Suspicion    What Then Is Love    Look to the Stars   How Can the Heart Forget    Follow Your Heart    Spring Always Comes

I can’t wait to see what you write. Your participation here and on the Facebook page is one of the best rewards of this effort.

Thanks, especially, to all of you who suggested actors for an Emilie Loring movie cast after my last post, “Who Would You Cast in the Movie?”  That was super-fun, and I have a new selection of favorites to watch while I’m iced in. 🙂  I hope you follow the comments on these posts, so you can see them, too.

I’m off to see what sparks joy today in my cozy home. Stay warm, everyone, and start writing!

a fire on Ice Day, Emilie Loring
“People slipped aside their masks in a room lighted only by the flames on the hearth.”  With Banners





11 thoughts on “Ice-day Emilie Loring Contest

  1. Sounds like an ‘inspired’ idea! I am underemployed these days and will see if I can provide something by Sunday. (My teens’ spring sports are kicking in suddenly.) I’ve been making my way through the entire EL catalogue since last summer when I found your blog.

    I had you placed in sunny Southern California. Not sure why. January was frequent snow and freezing temps here in the midwest. St Louis Metro (Illinois suburbs). Now we have rain and upper 30s. It’s less comfortable when it’s wet outside.

    Stay safe and warm! Welcome back home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I earned my PhD at USC in Los Angeles, so I do have a SoCal background. We’re getting up to 1/2” of ice tonight on the Plains, which makes sunny California very tempting. I’ll look forward to your essay!


      1. YIkes, re the ice tonight! We’ve been fairly lucky in that regard in recent years. If it were colder, we’d get ice or snow this week. I hope to get out an essay by Sunday. Cheers and stay safe.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Whoa! We may be getting your ice tonight. It’s been raining this week. The temperature dropped noticeably today. I just walked my dog in some harsh wind. It’s apparently 26 right now. Not wind chill!

        Liked by 1 person

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