Guest Post: Homemade Book Covers for a Rainy Day

Fall is well on its way, Emilie Loring’s favorite season of the year. I returned from a lovely vacation in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where the fall colors were clear and bright, and, wouldn’t you know, it’s been raining ever since! As I wait for “clearing skies and the sunshine of hope and joy and courage,” here are more of Bonnie’s homemade book covers to enjoy. Do you have a favorite? 

Across the Years
“She knows the world yet the knowledge hasn’t tarnished her spirit or her belief in the best.”
There Is Always Love
“There is only one common-sense move when you don’t like your life.  Do something about it.  Get out. Go somewhere.  Follow a rainbow. “
Where Beauty Dwells
“Your writing has a gay touch without the sly maliciousness which seems to pass for wit at present.”
Stars In Your Eyes
“After this, wherever I am, when I see the evening star I’ll think of Mexico and the Plumed Serpent.”

“About the same time I created these covers I also did what I call ‘spread sheets’ about her books. I sorted and listed titles by alphabet  Then I listed by date written. Then by plot locations (my guesswork). Finally I listed them by title with the names and descriptions of the main plot characters… Did you notice that only two of the stories actually connect? Rainbow At Dusk left us with a cliff hanger, but all was revealed with a happy ending in Bright Skies.” ~ Bonnie

Rainbow at Dusk
“Authors certainly know their stuff,” she said breathlessly.
When Hearts Are Light Again
“Tea Greg?  Do you also depend on the cup that cheers to recharge your mental battery every afternoon at four?”
Beyond the Sound of Guns
Even here, beyond the sound of guns, the war was present.
Bright Skies
Like.  What a word to use in connection with marriage. 

“At first I always thought movies should have been made of her stories… but realizing how script writers can change and fracture plots so much I’m glad there weren’t any ever made. They’d have been a huge disappointment.” ~ Bonnie


Beckoning Trails
“Molly B.—Madam Stewart to you—has finished her latest whodunit.”
To Love and To Honor
Then what would she do?
Something definite. Something worthwhile. I will decide what I want most, plan for it and go after it with all there is in me.


For All Your Life

Shadow of Suspicion

“My favorite is the cover I created for With This Ring. It’s also a favorite story of mine. Except for a few areas, it sounded more like Emilie’s writing.” ~ Bonnie

With This Ring

What Then Is LoveBehind the CloudHow Can the Heart ForgetThrow Wide the Door

Follow Your Heart

A Candle in Her Heart

Forever and A Day
I like this one! 

Spring Always Comes

A Key to Many Doors

No Time For Love

Forsaking All Others

The Shining Years

I hope you’ve enjoyed Bonnie’s creations and encourage you to share your Emilie Loring projects with us. Do we have any quilters among us? Or creative cooks?

Rain continues to fall, and we’re under both a tornado watch and a flood watch here in Kansas. I’m happy to be snug and warm inside, with a whole collection of Emilie Loring books to keep me company.  Happy landings, everyone!

rainy fall color

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Homemade Book Covers for a Rainy Day

  1. I just came across your blog..I’ve been a fan of Emilie Loring for 30 years..I’ve read them over and over. I wish they’d re-release them in hard cover.


    1. Welcome, Melanie! I love to read her books over and over, too. So far, the only way to get hard covers is to buy used books from the early releases. Are yours all paperback? My paperbacks are getting a bit ragged from wear!


  2. Bravo! Fabulous!

    I have also created a spreadsheet of titles, year of publication, hero & heroine, location, and a very brief plot line: ie, secret marriage, bootlegging, in A Certain Crossroad.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!

        I have been putting clear binding tape on my old paper backs to preserve them. I had one where the pages are coming out of the glue. I carefully put white glue in the innermost edges in the hope that they will glue back into the inner binding. I am worried about gluing pages together of course. So far it looks like it’s drying ok.

        Liked by 1 person

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