A Toast to Emilie Loring!

Glasses clinked, toasts were pronounced, and even a few hummingbirds took a sip to celebrate Emilie Loring’s 152nd birthday!

Think about it:

When Emilie was born, there were only 38 states, and Andrew Johnson was President.

She lived from Reconstruction through World War I, Prohibition, the stock market crash and Great Depression, World War II, and the dropping of an atom bomb on Japan.

She kept up with changes brought by the telephone, electric light bulb, automobile, Kodak camera, X-ray, airplane, electric toaster, and plastics.

 More than that, she stayed optimistic and hopeful for what would come next:  Here Comes the Sun!  Fair Tomorrow,  It’s a Great World!   Today is Yours,  There Is Always Love,   I Hear Adventure Calling.

That’s a life worth celebrating!

Loring and Bender
So happy that Tuulikki Loring came to celebrate with me.

Stone House toast

We took a walk past Emilie Loring’s “Stone House” and captured this unique view.  The bay window was in Emilie’s bedroom and looked west to, yes, Blue Hill mountain.

(We’re proud of how the superimposed photo lines up with the stones and foliage of Stone House!  Just luck, but pretty cool!)

Wine group toast
Cheers!  Out in Colorado, our whole gang raised a glass to our author!
Illinois toast
A toast with “the cup that cheers” in Illinois!
Hummingbird toast
Happy Birthday from Madera Canyon in southern Arizona, hummingbird capitol!
Home toast
A toast to Emilie Loring from the newlyweds in Oregon 😊
Blue Hill Historical Society
“Happy Birthday Emilie! Thank you for your many writings. Blue Hill is truly an inspirational area.” (At the Blue Hill Historical Society)
Emilie Loring
“She is memorable. Cheers to Emilie!”



3 thoughts on “A Toast to Emilie Loring!

  1. Happy Birthday Emilie!
    It is amazing to think what she saw in her life time. So many changes, but as she always remined us, people still go through the same things today as they did then.

    Liked by 1 person

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