From Me to You: Gifts from Her Pen

Christmas treeOur Christmas tree is decorated, lights are up outside, and most of our presents are under the tree, waiting for Christmas morning. I’ll do a little more wrapping today, and Santa will bring his gifts after we go to bed on Christmas Eve.

I enjoy gift-giving. I like to think about people I care about and imagine what would bring smiles to their faces and inspire them in the direction of their dreams.

When my children were small, I had an every-year list: something cuddly, something musical, something to eat, something to make, something to read, something to learn, something to play with.

As my sisters and I managed careers, family, and the vicissitudes of life, our gifts became more utilitarian: helpful tools, housewares, and wished-for wardrobe items.

Then one day, it occurred to me that we might be on the wrong track. I put together a very fun box for my eldest sister and wrote a poem:

When women become mothers

and sisters writing pals

it’s easy to forget

that underneath, they’re still just gals.

With errands run and dishes done

and countless else, it seems,

The magic stays throughout their days;

they still have girlish dreams.

Inside this box, this tiny box,

are treasures just for you.

Each one is small, but try them all

and make some dreams come true.

There’s nothing here to work with

and nothing here to mend;

There’s nothing to be on time for

and nothing here to tend.

You won’t find things you’d buy yourself–

These aren’t that practical.

You won’t find things you even need,

and that’s most fun of all.

So reach inside when you have time,

and give yourself a treat.

And feel the glow from head to toe

of satisfactions sweet.

In that spirit, I offer you these photos from my camera and quotations from Emilie Loring. Her books do for me what the box of treasures did for my sister. Read her stories when you have time, and give yourself a treat!

light snowflakes
“Already my imagination is pulling on its seven league boots.”
Victorian tree
“So long as one keeps on seeing the romance in life one is never old.”
“I hear adventure calling.”
gleaming lake
“Get out. Go somewhere. Follow a rainbow.”
ski tracks
“How far would we get if we waited for certainties?”
Bear Creek
“The detour may be hard going, detours usually are, but they also offer more thrills and adventures than the broad highway.”
Vase and flower
“After all, living is the biggest thing any of us have to do.  Why not treat it as an art rather than in hit-or-miss fashion?”
Incoming tide
“Life is kaleidoscopic, isn’t it?  One never knows when the pattern will shift.”
Kayak in Bar Harbor
“I’ve got to try out my ideas.”


tree on the hill
“After all, there was nothing like an absorbing interest to make one vitally alive from head to feet.”
freezing pond
“There is more power in an idea than in anything else in the world.”
“Forget the past and make the present something vital and inspiring.”
“Things have a marvelous unbelievable way of coming right.”

The happiest of holidays to you all. Send me your favorite Emilie Loring quotations–and your photos, too, if you want to share–and we’ll ring in an inspirational New Year!

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5 thoughts on “From Me to You: Gifts from Her Pen

    1. On Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at 6:15 PM The Emilie Loring Collection wrote: Thank you, Heide. Have a merry Christmas in your adorable house with all of the shiny bright decorations. You must love waking up to it every morning.



  1. Beautiful 😊 we become so set in our ways that we forget to enjoy life for the sake of enjoyment. There is so much evil happening in the world and we are lucky if we are able to enjoy life. Thank you for sharing. Regards

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