The Story Her Titles Told

Emilie Loring’s father often strung together Charles Dickens’ titles to create a story. In 1941, she did the same with hers in “The Story the Titles Told:”

Trail of Conflict cliff wpr“Like all beginning writers I fared forth on The Trail of Conflict,


Here Comes the Sun! hardback

then plodded on ’til suddenly I exclaimed, Here Comes the Sun!


On I went until I reached A Certain Crossroad.


Version 2

As I lingered, wondering which turn to make, up galloped The Solitary Horseman. He smiled and pointed.

Gay Courage

I tripped along with Gay Courage,


Swift Water cover art

crossed a bridge above Swift Water

and saw Lighted Windows glowing on the shore of Uncharted Seas.

Fair Tomorrow

Fair Tomorrow, I predicted,


as Hilltops Clear loomed on the horizon,

We Ride the Gale! cover

We’ll Ride the Gale.



Version 2

We set sail With Banners flying and reached the glorious coast of Maine.


It’s A Great World! I exclaimed;


Give Me One Summer here and I’ll stay As Long As I Live.

Today is yours wpr

But, an inner voice whispered, “Don’t linger, remember Today Is Yours.



So, High of Heart I fared on gayly until I reached a city, a beautiful city which the eyes of the whole world are watching, to which the ears of the whole world are listening.


As I looked Across the Years I thought,


Version 2

no matter how the earth may tremble from the tramp of advancing armies, the  rumble of murderous tanks, the shriek and crash of bombs, There Is Always Love. Love for God, for country, for mankind.


Love endures forever in the human mind and heart and soul, Where Beauty Dwells.”

4 thoughts on “The Story Her Titles Told

  1. Now, I begin to understand! After reading Emilie’s original thirty books as a young teen
    I became disheartened with the ghost written books. I do not believe that I read them all.
    I then began reading Dickens and to this day I love his prose! Then came Jane Austin….
    Two of my favorite classical writers to this day. Kudos to Emilie as I became a
    voracious reader because of her descriptive writing!

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