It’s the Season of Summer Socials!


The season of summer visiting has arrived. Open the summer cottage, set lawn chairs out in the shade, and invite friends and family for barbecues, picnics, parties–and yes, afternoon teas.

Last week, my husband and I were privileged to share in a four-day, 90th birthday celebration with the extended Loring family. As you might guess, the festivities took place near water, and if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know what coastal water means to me: rocks!

from Cadillac Mountain
Find the stone that doesn’t belong!

We found two special kinds. The first was pink granite that glaciers carried down from Maine. It was fun to pick out the anomalous stones and imagine them tumbling all the way from Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park.


The second were “Cape May Diamonds.” No, we weren’t at Cape May, but we had scads of quartz pebbles, including those nearly translucent ones that can be polished to make sparkling near-gems. I had pockets; I have a rock tumbler. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

“Say what you like, there is no tonic equal to a legitimate good time.”  Emilie Loring

The birthday celebration was a heartwarming, good time, from start to finish. Four generations mingled for days on end, from cruises to picnics, walks, dinners, and shopping. Emilie would have enjoyed it immensely, especially the conversation.

“My son summed it up when he said–I like your parties, Mother. I like the conversation.”  Emilie Loring

bagpipesAmong her descendants and their families were a bagpiper, attorneys and engineers, an interior designer, a librarian, several teachers, and a horseshoe crab expert. Conversation tumbled from one topic to the next–bright, entertaining, and absorbing.

“Believe me, there’s hardly a person in the world who isn’t vitally interested in something.”  Emilie Loring


Version 2In a scene that could so easily have come from one of her books, the ninety-year-old guest of honor stepped agilely onto the family cruiser, helped younger folks come aboard, and then took the helm. The day was windy enough to bring out rescue crews for a sailing class, but we skipped over choppy waves and laughed at the sea spray’s attempts to soak us.

“I’ve observed that the man or woman with a big interest in life never is age-conscious. They are too busy to count passing years.”  Beckoning Trails

Although they are on entirely different scales, the Lorings’ party and our tea this Thursday have a spirit in common: hearty fellowship, excellent conversation, and genuine enthusiasm. I’ve been privy to some of your preparations, and I am already grinning at the creativity we’ll see on July 6th.

“After all, there was nothing like an absorbing interest to make one vitally alive from head to feet.”  Hilltops Clear

Join our Emilie-Loring-inspired tea this Thursday at 4:00, your local time. Send photos (, and I’ll post them here. Check back often to see fun updates!

Whatever your summer plans, enjoy them with vitality and enthusiasm.  After all,

“Enthusiasm is the fountain of youth.”  Emilie Loring

See you Thursday!!!



2 thoughts on “It’s the Season of Summer Socials!

  1. Patti, I was thrilled to find your page. My sister and I grew up on Emilie Loring stories as teens. We devoured every book we could get our hands on. We had no idea she had passed away nearly 2 decades earlier.

    This wonderful author has been on my mind this past week.Today I did a Google search to find out more about her. That is how I found your page.

    I would really love to know if any of Emilie Loring’s children or grandchildren have taken up writing. It would be a shame if her talent wasn’t passed on.

    I, also am a romance writer, and I credit Emilie Loring for giving that desire. Can’t wait to meet her in heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurean, how nice to hear from you! I’m so glad you found the website and blog. There are 100+ posts here, so you can learn a lot about our favorite author! Yes, her son Selden wrote, but that’s as far as the writing gene has travelled–so far! There’s still time! 😊 Tell me more about your writing. Have you published your work? Is it anything like Emilie’s? Thanks for writing. Get your sister to visit, too!


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