Gay Courage Comes When It’s Needed!

“Where do you get the inspiration for your books?” Emilie Loring was asked. “From everywhere!” she replied. In May, 1927, Charles Lindbergh’s first nonstop, solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean suggested “gay courage,” not only to Emilie Loring, but to all who needed it. The whole world waited in watchful suspense and then erupted in … More Gay Courage Comes When It’s Needed!

Traces of Gay Courage

I love finding true-life connections, as I did last summer with Gay Courage. Nancy Caswell lives with her father in the parsonage at Sunnyfield: “There were little rabbits with upstanding ears cut in the yellow shutters. Gay orange and white awnings shaded the porches, boxes spilling over with yellow and white and purple blooms, adorned windows … More Traces of Gay Courage