The Boston Bakers: 100 Years of Forgotten Best Sellers

The Baker family influenced popular culture in America for more than one hundred years, through newspapers, plays, books, short stories, and film. They were best-sellers in their time, known on the street, in the theater, and at the publishing house. But who remembers them now? Albert Baker was first.  His father was a sail-maker in … More The Boston Bakers: 100 Years of Forgotten Best Sellers

Tragic Undercurrents in “Swift Water”

Swift Water is so different from Emilie Loring’s other novels. When Jean Randolph arrives home, Ezry Barker asks, “Say, Jean, been gittin’ into trouble so soon? Seems though I see th’ old symptoms. Didn’t fetch the Turrible Twin along with ye, did ye?” But that’s just what this book is about:  terrible twins. Jean’s mother … More Tragic Undercurrents in “Swift Water”

The Solitary Horseman

There was always something about Boston. It wasn’t just that Emilie was born there. Generations of her family had felt its inspiration. This was where her grandfather started anew after a Portland fire and founded the Boston Herald. It was where her father forged one career in publishing and another in amateur drama, where Emilie … More The Solitary Horseman

A Certain Crossroad

“Mystery – Love – Thrills – Adventure” promises the ad for Emilie Loring’s third novel, A Certain Crossroad. Heiress Judith Halliday runs away from an impulsive marriage to Doctor Neil Peyton only to run into him again in a small, Maine village.   “Do you ever think back and wonder what would have happened had … More A Certain Crossroad