Illustrated Emilie Loring Novels!

Did you know that there are illustrated versions of Emilie Loring’s novels? If you have only read the hardbacks or paperbacks, you’ve missed out. Except for the one, frontispiece illustration from The Trail of Conflict, those only have cover art. But there were other printings–many, in fact–and they were illustrated! In the 1930s, Penn Publishers signed … More Illustrated Emilie Loring Novels!

The Shining Years: The Best is Last

The Shining Years (1972) was written twenty years after Emilie Loring’s death, but it is vintage Emilie Loring. It has everything–an old and stately home, a noble leading man, a spirited young woman, a worthy competitor for her affections, a wise older woman, villains, ideals, personal conflicts, and a love story. Stanley Holbrook’s life is neatly organized … More The Shining Years: The Best is Last

To Tell the Truth: “I am Judge William G. McAdoo”

Do you remember a TV game show called “To Tell the Truth?” Each night, contestants claimed to be a person whose profile was read at the start of the show. A panel of celebrities questioned the contestants to figure out who was really the profiled person and who was an imposter. I found myself in … More To Tell the Truth: “I am Judge William G. McAdoo”